Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Indulgence at Katong Mall

Small but good selection, with nice gift boxes
We made a lovely discovery in the neighbourhood recently. The florist facing the Cold Storage checkout at Katong Mall is gone. In its place is a dark corner of "Indulgence" - luring one and all with liege waffles, macarons, chocolatey treats and creamy confections. That's great because desserts are infinitely more useful to me than the blooming genitals of plants (that's what flowers really are, if you think about it).

Anyway, the guys at Indulgence aim to let us enjoy quality European desserts without its associated hefty price tag. It's a small selection currently, but they do certain things quite well.

Strawberry panna cotta
We tried a strawberry panna cotta (S$5.90) right there. This "cooked cream" is a milky gelatin pudding that is rich, thick and firm but does not taste heavy. We liked it a lot. I shall try the one with passionfruit topping next time.

We also tried the lychee tiramisu, which looks so similar, I'm not posting photos of it. Unfortunately, that one was overly sweet for us. It tasted nothing like a traditional tiramisu (but we already got the hint from its appearance). The bits of lychee fruit at the bottom was the only refreshing factor.

These meringues are so pretty, they look almost alive.

Guimauve - a kind of French marshmallow
This is my first time seeing "guimauve" in Singapore. A kind of French marshmallow, available here in lavender, lemon and rose flavours (S$2.50 each). They intrigued me but I'm not a big fan of marshmallow, so I didn't try these.

What a promise! Nothing short of "Valhrona" (Valrhona? I can never spell this myself) for the chocolate used here (must be why their chocolate tarts sell out so fast). The chef is apparently trained at a Michelin-starred restaurant in France.

We packed home a profiterole (S$2.50 each). It's filled with dense chocolate mousse, and drizzled with dark chocolate on top. Quite the treat but I think it was a bit too "jelak" for me.

Creme Brulee pots, still undressed
The vanilla crème brûlée (S$5.90) is a recommended item, and is indeed awesome. The fragrance of real vanilla deeply infuses the . Here, naked pots await their final caramelized sugar topping, which are only done upon order, as the crinkly sugar will liquefy in three hours time (or less). Don't wait too long to eat it, but I doubt anyone will.

There are only two counter seats next to the display case, so most people take away the goodies - they come in very nice boxes too. Prices here are quite reasonable for the quality. I think we overindulged a little that day, but we'll likely be back for more.

INDULGENCE (most of the website is still under construction)
112 East Coast Road
#01-33 Katong Mall
Singapore 411522
Tel: 9327-8283
Open daily 10am - 9pm (may be open a little later, like 11am on weekdays)

P.S. Right now there's a 1-for-1 offer on selected items between 7-9pm! Not valid for delivery.


  1. OMG!!! New patisserie... ahh... time to drop by...

    Thank you for sharing =)

  2. I love your shot of the shop! I live right opposite, and this place litterally popped up from one day to the next! I counldn't decide tonight whether I should go to Obolo or try this, and I went for the safer option. Your review looks and sounds encouraging, so I will definitely try it this week.

  3. the meringue and the profiterole looks awesome...

    makes me miss singapore so much!

  4. wow i didn't know about this new place, thanks for sharing will drop by when i go to the East next time. haha. but only two seats eh? thats a problem

  5. wow looks great!! shall make an effort to look for the place when im in the east..

    i couldn't help giggling when i realised they spelt Valrhona wrongly on their sign. lol.. sorry..

  6. Fen: haha yes, I know you love your desserts!

    Amiscell: hope to see/read what you think of it soon! Hubby prefers this place to Obolo and Canele, but I still have some favourites at those places.

    Elleve: it looks like you are in Paris itself? You should have even better French desserts there!

    LIC: haha, I'm sure your bum doesn't need two seats?

    Wentong: I'm not into chocolate but I did think the spelling looked a bit funny. Hey I have problems spelling European "V" words too. Currently confusing Valkyries and Vrykuls.

  7. hello! I dropped by today after reading ur entry..the marshmellows were sold out! The guy at the shop mentioned quite a few people dropped by after reading your entry~ :)

    thanks for sharing once again~

  8. Hi Camemberu!

    There's nothing more gratifying than hearing that our customers actually enjoying what we serve. That only makes us more enthusiastic about finding new products and recipes to entice even our own palates!

    Anyway, thought i'll drop by and let you guys know that the Guimauves are in! We've Green Tea, Rose, Lavender and Lemon flavours. Our chef actually tried a new variation in his recipe. He filled the lemon Guimauves with zesty lemon fillings.

    We hope you can give us some feedbacks on them so we can keep improving.

  9. Wow, tks tks. I haven't been there in recent weeks so thanks for informing. Will go check it out. :)

  10. Foodaholic: wow, sold out? Those marshmellows must be good!

    Max: hello! It's always nice to hear from the owners - hope you guys keep coming out with more goodies! I shall remember to pick up some Guimauves next time.

    SIG: Yes, I discovered by chance myself. We came here after lunch at Naive.

  11. Hi there :)

    I tried the Strawberry Panna Cotta n loved it too. But their Lemon Meringue was OTT sweet, while the Pavlova Choc was average. Am gonna try more varieties next wk :P

  12. The guimauves are a tat artificial-tasting to me, seems like flavourings and compounds are used (tried lemon and rose). Tiramisu lacked liquer taste. One thing I have to say is the macarons are totally disappointing, considering Obolo is just 2 minutes away. Don't know if it's just me, but there are quite a number of places selling really unauthentic macarons nowadays in Singapore (usually at a cheaper price - shall not name them, some of you may know), find it kinda misleading for foodies whom have yet to try them from Paris or Tokyo.

  13. CheekyM's Mom: Thanks for the tip! Glad you liked the panna cotta too!

    Kudos: Thanks, I have to agree the macarons did not inspire confidence (which is why I didn't try them). They looked very "homemade" and uneven. So far I've only liked Obolo's macarons in Singapore.

  14. Just happened to see the shop while I was checking out at Cold Storage Katong Mall. Asked the guy at the shop if their Pannacotta is gelatin based or done the old fashioned way but he couldn't answer me. Also asked if they use real vanilla beanb for their Pannacotta but was disappointed to learn that they don't. IMHO, the whole point of enjoying a good rich Pannacotta is for the rich vanilla and using anything other than real vanilla bean is a travesty.

    Bought some Custard and Hazelnut Puffs anyway and I must say that I am not impressed. I would have to agree with the comment by Kudos too regarding the Macarons. Don't look very professionally made at all. If they really do have a good product in the macarons, I would suggest that they let paying customers sample one. Afterall, it's the taste that counts (If I'm buying them for my own consumption).

    Will not be too quick to judge though as we should give them a honeymoon period to iron out any teething kinks. Will have to try a couple of other items before writing them off or spreading their good name.


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