Saturday, October 4, 2008

S$4 Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten chocolate cake with strawberry coulis
This is from a while back. Right after our feast of Istimewa Nasi Padang, my friends told me of a cheap but good molten chocolate cake just around the corner.

Sampling Cilantro's different desserts
Turns out it's from Cilantro's Bukit Merah stall, which seemed to be enjoying brisk business from the lunch crowd. Here's one table that seems to be sampling one of each of their desserts.

Molten chocolate cake
The chocolate cake takes a while to be prepared. Portion is dainty and comes sprinkled with chopped pistachios and icing sugar. I felt the exterior was a bit dry and I would have preferred more molten chocolate oozing out. Yes, one can't expect much for the S$4 (US$2.80) price, but at a coffeeshop, S$4 can also buy you a full meal. It also seems that quality can be erratic according to my friends who eat here regularly. But in general they find it still good. Kudos to Cilantro for trying to bring higher end items to the heartland.

Blk 28 Jln Bukit Merah #01/4476
Open daily 10am to 10pm


  1. It seems like this is the coffee shop I used to frequent last year. Just to confirm the location, are there 2 vegetarian stores on the left hand side of the coffee shop and that there is a open air carpark in front of the coffee shop?

    Hmm... molten chocolate cake in a coffee shop, interesting concept... Thanks for the recommendation...

  2. haha! fen's always looking around for cakes.

    anyway you guys only try one molten cake? how many type of desserts they have available?

  3. Hi there don't mind telling where exactly is this stall I wrk ard Bukit merah but have never come across. But have been to the istimewa nsai padang stall. Should have tried the chicken rice fr the same coffeeshop real gd.

  4. Maybe you want to try St Regis Molten choco in Brasserie Les Saveurs. Available only from 6th to 11th Oct. Special menu by celebrity chef, Jean Georges from New York.

  5. Looks very yummy.

    I have a meeting nearby on Wednesday. Now you making me feel like popping over to get some. Wahahahaha.

  6. Fen: yes, that's the place!

    LIC: haha, we already overate at Istimewa, how to gorge on desserts?

    Anon1: It's at Blk 28 Jalan Bukit Merah. Can google it.

    Anon2: St Regis eh? That won't be S$4 for sure! hehe

    DK: for that price, no harm trying!

  7. Anything chocolate is fine by me! :D

  8. I really like your food blog. I think it is easily the best in Singapore.

    I don't know what kind of camera you are using but the photos are amazing. The food looks like they are right in front of me. And there are no vulgar copyright logos to spoil the photos.

    It is also a good move to have included photos of the restaurants/food stalls/food operators. It's more "humanising" that way.

    Your comments are truthful and informative. No vulgar commercialism or promotion.

    You also seem like a very cultured person. You can go upmarket and downmarket, not just sticking to cheap hawker food introductions.

    Some of your introductions are really surprise finds.

  9. Thank you, Anonymous, thank you for the most comprehensive compliment ever!

    I really appreciate that you took the effort to list out all the above! Glad to know I'm doing some things right! :)

    LFB/Kenny: chocoholic, I see!

  10. Dropped by St. Regis this afternoon, the molten chocolate cake mentioned earlier in the comments is part of the special 3-course meal at $78++, apparently they didn't sell the molten chocolate cake separately. This is just for other readers' information. :D

  11. These individual chocolate cakes have a pudding-like center. They have been described as soufflé-like, cake-like, brownie-like, mousse-like, and pudding-like, and that is because they have all of these characteristics. Their flavor is rich and chocolately, their texture dense and moist. These cakes will rise beautifully as they bake,but once they are removed from the oven they will slowly deflate so you will want to serve them shortly after removing them from the oven.

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  12. Molten chocolate cake is a popular dessert that combines the elements of a flourless chocolate cake (sometimes called a "chocolate decadence cake") and a soufflé.
    A molten chocolate cake has four main ingredients: butter, eggs, sugar, and chocolate. The butter and chocolate are melted together, while the eggs are either whisked with the sugar to form a thick paste, producing a denser finished product; or are separated so that the egg whites can be whipped into an egg foam to provide more lift (and thus a lighter cake) when the mixture is baked.

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  13. I was all excited when i saw your blog on the Molten choc cake. Went there yesterday and was told that the chef has left and they dun sell that anymore! boo hoo hoo...

  14. Oh gosh, so soon? Looks like they're in trouble if they can't keep chefs! :O

    Thanks for the update though.

  15. Hey people, i think you should try this dark chocolate lava cake from Whisk and Fold. It's simply ozzing and my husband can't stop telling me how good it is.


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