Monday, October 13, 2008

Cable Car at Cuppage Terrace

Cable Car at Cuppage Terrace
Cable Car is a saloon named after the touristy trams of San Francisco, and styled after the era they originated in (1890s). It's right next to Tamaya, located right at the end of Cuppage Terrace. The owners also run Tamaya and the bar is connected by sliding doors upstairs to Tamaya dining areas. The joint offers free wireless internet access but I didn't get to test how good it was - next time I must bring my iPod Touch (no, no iPhones for me, yet).

Deep-fried chicken wings and pizza from Cable Car
This bar boasts 350 different drinks (I saw lots of mojitos on the menu), and happy hours are til 9pm daily. Foodwise, it's just some simple bites to go along with the drinks. These were samples for photo-taking during the Cuppage Terrace launch. I didn't try any so am not sure how they taste. But the crispy chicken wings look like they'd be tasty if freshly fried.

49 Cuppage Road, Cupage Terrace
Tel: 6835-3545
Open daily
3.00pm~0.00am(Sun & P.H.)


  1. 350 different drinks?? Wow, add a baker's dozen more drinks and one could have a different drink every night of the year! Wheee...

  2. By golly, you are right! I didn't think of it that way but yes, you could almost have a different drink each night!


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