Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cuppage Terrace Revamped!

Cuppage Terrace is now S$15 million prettier
Cuppage Terrace is finally looking hip and pretty after a much-needed S$15 million dollar revamp! Tucked behind Cuppage Road away from Orchard Road frontage, this row of restaurants suffered obscurity and lack of strong branding. But now with the al fresco areas jazzed up, it looks ready for prime time. The commercial strip of 14 restaurants, bars and spas relaunched tonight with a media and blogger party.

Here's a quick tour of the F&B outlets, starting from the front (near Centrepoint) to the back (near Starhub Centre):

Kohi Ten or Coffee Shop offering "Tokyo cafe culture"
Kohi Ten, or "coffee shop" in Japanese, offers siphon-brewed coffee imported from Japan. Brought to you by the folks who own Sakae Sushi.

Hibiki lauding its sumiyaki
Hibiki has an outdoor sumiyaki grill and a wide range of other Japanese fare (they also have a branch at the Singapore Flyer). Full review coming up later, and I have a S$10 voucher to give away in that post.

Viva Mexico
Sorry for blur and ill-composed photo. Viva Mexico didn't seem to participate much in the launch. I didn't see any food offered for photography so I don't know what their purported Mexican executive chef has devised for their menu.

Inside Bobby's at Cuppage Terrace
Bobby's was also having its own separate/joint launch party. I managed a shot of the interior while everyone was outside watching the lion dance. It got incredibly crowded later on.

Bobby's signature BBQ baby back ribs
They were doling out baby back ribs like there was no tomorrow. Yes, these were meaty, moist, fall-off-the-bone tender, but the seasoning is rather muted. It's not easy preparing tubs and tubs of ribs en masse, I'm sure.

Codfish with fruit caviar
Bobby's also had various appetisers, snacks and desserts. Here's a cube of codfish with fruit caviar - fancy pairing but didn't knock my socks off. Their cheesecake and tiramisu are good at first bite, but too rich thereafter.

Harry's here too, at Cuppage Terrace
I remember Saxophone, the old jazz bar at Cuppage Terrace, had a pretty lively atmosphere. Now filling the jazz bar slot is Harry's. Yes, another one. If more outlets start sprouting, I'm going to start calling them McHarry's.

Kazbar, the Middle-Eastern restaurant and bar
Moving along, we have Kazbar, a Middle-Eastern joint complete with Arabic mosaic tiles, exotic lanterns, daybed style seating (al fresco area), cushions and bolsters. Chef's from Dubai, I hear.

Cross Straits didn't make it to opening night
Looks like Cross Straits didn't make it to opening night. I thought this was a new restaurant, but no, it's been at Cuppage Terrace for more than two decades! For some reason, I never noticed it. I think the old Cuppage Terrace made it difficult for restaurants to really stand out.

Maharajah Northern Indian
OK, this one I vaguely knew existed but never visited. The Orchard Maharajah North Indian restaurant. This one does not seem to have changed that much but it is more prominent, with the expansion of al fresco area. Media friends that night said the food's not bad.

Wine Connection is next door, offering booze at at wholesale prices. Really? Well, makes no difference to me. I rarely touch alcohol. Unless I need to cook!

Pasta Fresca at Cuppage Terrace
This is the "Italian" representative at Cuppage Terrace.

Tamaya, a Japanese izakaya at Cuppage Terrace
Ah, I heard raves about Tamaya from the PR agency. This little izakaya has also been at Cuppage Terrace for a while (10 years?). More detailed review on this in another post. Next door is Cable Car, a bar also operated by Tamaya's owners, offering more than 350 drinks.

Cuppage Terrace with its much-needed revamp
With its rejuvenation, it does look like Cuppage Terrace is worth checking out. It's nice that they have kept most of the 1920s Peranakan shophouse facade. It adds some character. Only thing is, warm nights may make al fresco dining uncomfortable. But air-conditioned quarters are just a few steps away.


  1. wow, revamped indeed! must check out the japanese restaurants!

    the next clarke quay?? sans the river lah, haha!

  2. Wow... Tat is a good introduction of the place. Nice pictures, got to check it out over the weekends.

    Btw, Camemberu, I am still waiting for your reply on the Sony dSLR entry. Curious about what happens to the Canon dSLR, care to share?

  3. I seldom venture to that side of orchard. Just a few times in the past. Wow, but now, the place looks so happening.

  4. Nic: detailed reviews of the Japanese eateries coming up as soon as I get some time sorting out photos! Haa, I hope Cuppage Terrace has better luck than Clarke Quay!

    Fen: thanks, and oops, forgot to reply that comment of yours. Will do so after this.

    Didally: me too! Cuppage Terrace wasn't much of a draw in the past, but now it's pretty happening.

  5. I think the revamped cuppage looks so WOW. Haha

  6. wow, you always do nice introductions, i remember the one you did on the revamp at bugis basement. haha! btw you using eos 400d right? but i can't remember what lens you using.

  7. Thanx for the tip, gal! I love your pics & text, as always! :)

  8. Loved your McHarry's comment. Too funny! Really interested to see how the food there is like after the revamp. From what I remember, the food was always mediocre at high touristy prices.

    Thanks for writing about this!

  9. Nice one Cam. The last couple of times I passed by, most of the places aren't ready for business yet. Now I get to see the new Cuppage first hand on your site.

  10. Foodies Queen: yeah :) They should have done this long ago!

    LIC: Thanks! Yes, Canon 400D. I'm using the kit lens only, but one upgraded with Image Stabiliser. The Bugis basement one I did with my Sony point-and-shoot, very discreet, fast and easy. I tried doing the second half of Bugis basement with my DSLR but the stall owners got all panicky and tried to get me arrested or something. LOL

    Superfinefeline: hehe, thanks, you're most welcome!

    David Koh: Hahaha. Yeah, hope the food's more interesting this time too.

    LSD: maybe we'll see some reviews on your site soon? :P

  11. Cuppage Terrace? It makes me want to go there to have my special dinner occasion there instead of Holland V (too far away).


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