Monday, October 22, 2012

Masala Tandoor at Marine Parade Central

Oh yes, I went back to my favourite briyani stall again - Masala Tandoor inside the corner of a kopitiam at Marine Parade Central (diagonally facing the Polyclinic). Chicken briyani with flavoursome, fluffy basmati rice (not greasy at all), complemented by freshly made, crunchy pickles.

Mutton briyani
I also got to try the mutton briyani, cooked dum style. What a generous chunk of mutton. It's pretty lean and very aromatic, but isn't too gamey. What's really good are the accompanying curries and sambal (in bowls). Mix some in and it absolutely changes the flavours of the dish.

Chicken tikka
The owner Rashid also recommended the chicken tikka and it is fantastic! The chicken pieces have soaked up all the gorgeous spices and marinade, and the grilling seems only to have concentrated and amplified the flavours.

Yes, yum. I blogged about them before, and wrote a more detailed piece for Makanation too. I like the food a lot, and I'm going back there again tonight.

Block 81, Marine Parade Central (facing Marine Drive), #01-654
Singapore 440081
Open daily 7am til 10pm



  1. Chicken Tikka is my favorite...this one looks amazing...

  2. briyani accompanied by sambal? that's interesting. considering Briyani is Indian, and sambal is Malay, and I've never had briyani with sambal before.

  3. Very good food, try butter nan with palak paneer and chicken curry. Fabulous.


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