Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Steamboat At Its Ultimate Best - Man Fu Yuan's "The Art of Eating Steamboat"

Steamboat is such a wonderful way of enjoying fresh ingredients, but all too often the experience is less than ideal because we're too busy eating and chatting to really cook the ingredients properly. The avid foodie restaurant managers at Man Fu Yuan came up with the ultimate way to enjoy steamboat - and that's to have a dedicated server prepare the entire meal for you, starting from the stock (frying chicken in a specially blended Chinese herb-infused wine for a clear herbal soup), progressing course by course with luxuriously planned ingredients, and finishing up with a lovely surprise at the end.

My story on Makanation has the full details with step-by-step photos!


1 comment

  1. Dear Ling, can I know how much would it cost to have a dedicated server to serve the steamboat in Fu Mun Yuan?


    Siew Hwee


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