Friday, January 21, 2011

Kachang Phool from Mamu Kitchen

Kachang phool from Mamu Kitchen
Kachang phool from Mamu Kitchen.  I've finally managed to try this recommendation from the HungryCow (thanks, Leroy! By the way, he is giving out Haagen Dazs ice cream vouchers on his blog - hurry, leave a comment by midnight tonight!).

Kachang or kacang. Phool, pool, ful, fool, gosh, this dish has so many name variations. I'll call it kachang phool for now, since that's the name used by this stall. The "phool" relates the the "ful" of Ful Medames, the Egyptian dish that's also popular around the Middle East.

It's made from ground fava beans or broad beans, cooked in herbs and spices. The taste is hard to describe, but hubby got the closest - it's like a vegetarian Mexican chili (but served with a runny fried egg). He absolutely loved it.

The sliced green chili adds some kick, as do the raw chopped onions. The tomatoes give a touch of nice colour too. Mop it all up with some crisp baguette!

Mamu Kitchen at Bedok Corner Food Centre
I'd wanted to feature this stall for CNNgo last year but it was closed the two times I was there. They'd taken a long holiday. They're back now, but make sure you go after tea-time, as they open from 3pm onwards (til about 10pm or whenever the food sells out).

Block 1 Bedok Road
25 Bedok Food Centre
Singapore 469572


  1. Yes, is mamak comfort food!! Speaking of mamak, happy birthday, Kenny!

  2. It looks a bit like huevos rancheros to me, and super yummy. I guess I have to plan another trip to Singapore!

  3. Oooh! I want to recreate this at home! Looks fantastic!


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