Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sea Salt Caramel Brownies from Classic Cakes

Sea salt caramel brownies
Sea salt caramel brownies! Don't they sound good? Well, they even taste better! Soft, moist and rich, with a crowning burst of salty sweetness. Yes, the surface is caked with salty caramel and this really sends the dessert over the top.

I was very fortunate to get a box of these as a new year gift (thanks, Geraldine!). They are from Classic Cakes, which made news in 2008 when their mille crepes was listed as one of the 50 Best Cakes in Singapore. See the article preserved on SGdessert (first photo).

I hear the chocolate cake is really good too. The description alone is too intriguing - "Be surprised by the subtle hints of milk and blackberry jam in this rich, moist butter-based chocolate cake. A generous coating of specially concocted dark couverture chocolate cream completes the masterpiece." I really must go and try that someday.

They also have Chinese style radish/yam cakes as well as pumpkin cakes, which they also do rather well. You can taste real strands of radish incorporated in these cakes. Yum.

They also do radish/yam cakes

41 Sunset Way #01-06
Clementi Arcade
Singapore 597071
Contact Charles Quek
Tel: +65 6762-8019
Open: Tues 1pm to 9pm, Wed to Sat 11am to 9pm, Sun 2pm to 7pm
Closed Mondays



  1. Asian Food Channel has been running this clip on a lady chef praising this exact combination of ingredients with chocolate in a brownie from her hometown shop in the US. I was wondering if I ever get a chance to try. Now, I can. Thanks for sharing, will definitely go and it is not far from where I stay.

  2. please do try the tiramisu, personally it is one of my favourite for that price.

  3. i love Classic Cakes!!!


  4. I love my brownies... and add sea salt and caramel to the mix? Heavenly.

    The giant radish/yam cake looks scrumptious too... so much toppings! :D

  5. Jimmy and myself dropped by this morning..the brownies were good, on the hard side though!, love the mille crepes and yam cake! :)

  6. I've heard about how good salt is with chocolate, but I've never tried it. The brownies look delicious.

  7. just cabbed to and fro for this. better be good because his service was rather RUDE. after selecting the yam cake, i was selecting the mille crepes cake while looking at the other variety... "can i slice of slice of that...uhmmm..." (still looking) and he went "is that all?" without a smile and with a tone that isn't friendly at all. kind of regretted travelling from town to the west, sweating when i got lost at Sunset Way only to receive such poor service.


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