Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Royal Caribbean Cruise: Day 2.3 - Snacking at the Solarium

One of my favourite places on board Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas is the Solarium. It has such a calm and peaceful vibe. You almost feel like you're in an underwater sanctuary, with the light tinged a gentle blue-green from the glass walls. The Doric-style Greek columns lend an air of classic elegance, but the modern lounge chairs keep it contemporary. The retractable sun roof ensures you can swim or enjoy the indoor whirlpool no matter the weather. It's the perfect place to kick back and relax with a book for some quiet solitude, or to gather with friends for a little chit-chat.

The Spa on one side, The Gym on the other
The Solarium leads to the Spa on one side, and the Gym on the other side. This is a complete shrine to physical beauty and fitness.

The Solarium Cafe serves pizza, burgers, fries and snacks until 2am
And you'll never go hungry here. The Solarium Cafe serves pizza, burgers, fries, snacks and drinks until 2am. The other dining outlets close around 11pm, so this is where you can grab supper if you're outside your room and still peckish.

Pizza Parlour
The burger is surprisingly decent, and so too the fries. Keropokman and I had already had two breakfasts, a fabulous lunch at Sek Yuen, and we still polished this off. Yeah, we originally just wanted to take its photo. But one test bite led to another and yum, that's a tea-time snack right there.

But it's the Captain's gala dinner that night, so we had to save some room for that. More photos in the next post!



  1. Hehe, I'd prolly spend less time in the Solarium proper and more time snacking nearby! :P

  2. Drool! I saw the Royal Caribbean commercial on television and it looks like a mighty fine cruise. I have only been on a cruise once in my lifetime and that was a decade ago. So envious of you Catherine, and waiting for your next posts!

  3. "But one test bite led to another and yum"

    I would have done the same, the food looks delicious...

  4. we were such gluttons eh? ate and ate and ate. LOL


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