Sunday, January 9, 2011

Royal Caribbean Cruise: The Dilemma

The Royal Caribbean is such a huge ship, and obviously there's plenty to do - hence the dilemma. What to do first?

Lunch on Day 4 after Kitchen Galley tour
You've seen a lot of food on the cruise posts. You can easily spend half the time on board simply trying out the many different things to eat. But will you be bored in between nibbles? Let me try counting the different things you can do on Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas. Here's 60 just off the top of my mind. And at no.1 is...

    Climb the 9m high rock wall!
  1. Go rock-climbing on a 9-meter wall! Yes, you have to! I never liked rock climbing til I saw how fun this was. Best with a group of friends!
  2. Take waltz or line dancing classes
  3. Learn how to make jewellery* from a workshop
  4. Attend a morning stretch class
  5. Work off all those calories!
  6. Get a full workout in the gym
  7. Walk or jog along the running track
  8. Sun tan!
  9. Enjoy the sculptures, statues and paintings around the ship. Royal Caribbean cruise ships house many original art pieces
  10. Kitchen galley tour
  11. Buy the official cookbook* and get a tour of the kitchen galley - you'll be amazed at how clean it is, and how hard the kitchen staff work to churn out 12,000 meals a day!
  12. Chill with a book at the library
  13. Make a ruckus at mahjong* with friends
  14. Play Pictionary and boardgames for free at the card room 
  15. Visiting the Captain
  16. Visit the captain's bridge (by special arrangement)
  17. Party the night away at the lofty Viking Crown's lounge
  18. Learn a few things at the Martini or Wine Tasting*
  19. Stay in touch with 24-hour Internet access and calls*
  20. Enjoy satellite programming in your stateroom - CNN, BBC, ESPN, TCM and Cartoon Network 
  21. Oh yes, there is a cigar lounge at the sports bar
  22. Check out the Cigar Aficionados lounge
  23. Groove to the live bands by the pool or at the Centrum
  24. Make new friends from all over the world with the crew, performers and fellow cruise guests
  25. Poolside party after the BBQ dinner
  26. Join the crew-led dancing fiesta during the the deck party after the poolside dinner
  27. Go for the Win, Cruise or Draw game show at the Anchors Aweigh lounge
  28. Get a new hairdo at the hair and beauty salon*
  29. Tee off at the 9-hole miniature golf course open 24 hours a day
  30. Get all your family members or friends splashing into any of the four whirlpools
  31. Swim!
  32. Swim in the large open pool
  33. Check out people swimming in the large open pool
  34. Test your karaoke skills at the Schooner bar (free), or a private KTV room* 
  35. Some early morning taichi?
  36. Enjoy a cocktail or even champagne at the many themed bars and lounges*
  37. Different movies every day!
  38. Catch up on movies at the cinema 
  39. Cheer the high-energy live theatrical productions
  40. Join a tour of the ship, or visit the ship Expo to get fully briefed on what's available on board 
  41. Play Bingo* (kids play for free)
  42. Shopping galore on board the ship
  43. Shop duty-free goods at the various boutiques* - there is a special sale every day (Swarovski, designer goods, gold chains, watches, etc) and a Night market (where everything goes for US$10). Perfect as souvenirs or gifts for friends.
  44. Catch a nap at the sunlit Solarium without worrying about the weather
  45. Indulge in massages, facials, pedicures, seaweed wraps, detox and slimming treatments at the spa*
  46. Explore all decks of the ship - psst, you can also pick up from some free motion sickness medication at the medical facility on level 1
  47. You can stuff your own soft toy at a special machine on board
  48. Stuff your own "Pets at Sea" plush toy*
  49. Take or buy special photos to commemorate your cruise*
  50. Marvel at the size of the life boats that can carry up to 150 passengers. You'll be seeing them during the mandatory Muster Drill on Day 1
  51. Play responsibly at the Casino
  52. Have some (responsible) fun in the casino* and get free gaming lessons
  53. Meet the Captain and his team during formal night
  54. Do a bit of charity - Walk-a-Mile on deck and buy a "Wishes at Sea" tee to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  55. Take in a piano bar performance
  56. Catch the sunrise! This is from our room window
  57. Catch the sunrise on deck or from your room window (take a photo too!)
  58. Sign up for yoga or pilates at the gym*
  59. Disco? Rock? Salsa? Country? Western? There's something somewhere for everyone
  60. Take part in a shuffleboard tournament
  61. Relax at the expansive multi-deck atrium with friends (see first photo)
  62. Brighten your smile at the tooth whitening clinic*
  63. Ping pong never looked so glamorous
  64. Play ping pong/table tennis
  65. There are lots of family programs - tournaments, balls, contests, games
  66. Have a mini day tour with the many shore excursions available*
  67. On the last day, the crew teach us how to fold those towel pets!
  68. Go for the Legend Fun Fair - they teach you how to fold the towel origami pets that we get in our room every night! This is so fun, we haven't stopped making the pets at home!
  69. Play to your heart's content at the video arcade
  70. Attend free seminars on various topics (mostly health and beauty related)
  71. Cherie did well at the "Make a Cake" challenge!
  72. If you dare, take on the comical "Make a Cake" challenge with the Cruise Director and pastry chef! A lot of laughter later, we got to eat some real blackforest cake (not done by participants)!
  73. Teens have their special "Adventure Ocean" facilities, including a teen disco just for them
  74. Children and toddlers have special programs and play areas tailored to age groups
* additional charges may apply

And that's just what I know. There may be even more! So the dilemma is - there is just too much choice! In fact, they give out daily newsletters (The Cruise Compass) to let people know the daily specials, full schedule and timing of activities. You'll start wishing there was more time in a day to enjoy it all!

Then again, you are perfectly free to do absolutely...nothing.

That's the beautiful part about this cruise holiday - you can make it as relaxing or as thrill-filled as you like.



  1. I like #26... and #27 even more so, haha...

  2. And you need a lot of food/calories to take part in all those activities. So eating well should be #1 I think:)

  3. Wow, that's a long list. I estimated that I didn't do more than 10 on the list.

  4. Woh, love your list of 60. For me, I specially enjoyed swimming AND watching a video at the same time. lol


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