Monday, April 26, 2010

World Gourmet Summit 2010 Closing Event

A starry night at the World Gourmet Summit closing event
It was a starry, starry night indeed at the World Gourmet Summit 2010 closing event on Saturday, 24 March. Award-winning chefs presented their signature samplers at the beachfront Sapphire Pavilion on Sentosa. No, I did not get to see Ferran Adria at this invitation-only event, but it was still good fun.

Song of India
Chef Milind Sovani from The Song of India prepared exquisite Konkani Prawn Masala. These went well with the piping hot naans with herbs and chili flakes. There was also Punjabi-style spatchcock char-grilled in tandoor.

The White Rabbit
The White Rabbit followed the Alice in Wonderland theme for decor. Clockwise from top left: Caramelized shallot tart tatin, roquefort parfait. Fig gel in little tubes that were then piped on to truffled brie toasties. Torchon of foie gras, prunes, armagnac, toasted brioche. Chef Daniel Sia. Truffled brie toasties.

Chef Carmine Eposito of DOMVS laid out a pretty table. From left to right: Fiocchetti ia formaggi e pere con salsa di polpa di Granchio piccante (Cheese and pear stuffed mini ravioli with spicy crab meat sauce). Beef brisket in crepe with spicy coriander barbecue sauce. Grigliata di Ribeye e verdure di stagione servita con selezione di salse BBQ All'taliana (Barbecued beef ribeye, seasonal vegetables served with Italian BBQ sauce).

Li Bai
Barbecued duck breast in kueh pai ti. Sauteed minced seafood tossed with salad cream. Stewed beef with special sauce. Cantonese specialties from Chef Chung Yiu Ming of Li Bai at The Sheraton.

Brasserie Wolf
I've not been to Brasserie Wolf but the food they presented was pretty good! Marinated lamb spareribs, duck rillete on grilled bread, and some huge chunky beef on skewers that looked so tempting, I forgot to take a photo of the description. Thank you, Chef Philippe Nouzillat.

The Nautilus Project
Chef Jason Dell of The Nautilus Project prepared small bites like Prawn cocktail; petite pure vanilla and raspberry pannacotta, mini macaroons; and barbecued chermoula-rubbed salmon and bamboo skewers.

The Prime Society
It was nice to see Chef Damon Amos again, from The Prime Society. No gunpowder steak this time, but there was an interesting smoked grass-fed sirloin with three kinds of tomato (warm tomato gel, freeze-dried tomato and dehydrated cherry tomato). Next up (middle photo) was a Scallop Salad of char-grilled Hokkaido scallops, seawater braised baby leeks, ovoline, 12 micro herbs salad and roasted sesame dressing. Even dessert was no less elaborate - a Pavlova of kiwi fruit gel, Italian meringue, freeze dried mixed berries, micro mint, and toasted almonds.

Si Chuan Dou Hua
I missed taking the poster of affable Chef Zeng Feng of Si Chuan Dou Hua, but here he is in person! The shrimp with red and green chili he is stir-frying on the hotplate look so good! The enoki in minced garlic sauce looks simple but is a potent mouthful. The chicken, qual egg, cucumber and bell pepper on stick dipped in boiling hot spicy Sichuan sauce tasted like a steamboat kebab!

Au Petit Salut
Au Petit Salut has Alexandre Lozachmeur helming the kitchen now. The beef brochette with capsicum that he is grilling were absolutely divine! Perfectly medium-rare and juicy. There was also a forest mushroom tart, and mixed crab on French baguette.

Le Lifestyle
Texas-style barbecued beef ribs, stunningly delicious. I had not heard of Le Lifestyle before, but had met Chef Kenny Yeo previously when he was the Executive Chef of Sentosa Leisure Group. Le Lifestyle turns out to be the Singapore Airlines Terminal Services (SATS) Food Solutions Group. Airline food this good? Please don't tell me I have to fly to taste these again! The barbecued Hokkaido scallops with salmon roe, cucumber and sour cream were quite good too.

Singapore Youth Olympics Organising Committee's F&B and Culinary Operations
The last row seemed to be creations from Chef Kenneth Francisco of the Singapore Youth Olympics Organising Committee's F&B and Culinary Operations.
Top left: Red snapper on smoked eggplant and spinach with cured cherry tomato.
Bottom left: a chef carving out a chunk of roast wagyu!
Middle: lamb moussaka with grilled eggplant, tomato and Turkish mozzarella.
Bottom right: herb-infused chicken.

San Pellegrino drinks
There was lots to drink too: San Pellegrino sparkling water and juices, Nespresso coffee, Austrian wines, various beers and others. 

Oysters on ice with passion fruit
Anyone there could easily feel the whole world was their oyster. It was a lot of food, and I couldn't manage to taste everything. But this was a nice little peek at the food that the participating restaurants offer. I wonder what next year's event has in store for us.

Major thanks to the World Gourmet Summit organisers and Sentosa Leisure Group for the invitation.


  1. "Eat me."

    Why, thank you, I most certainly shall. Yummy. :)

  2. All the food certainly look good!! *drools

  3. LFB: hahaha, I don't think you ever need any invitation to eat, Kenny!

    Linjie: yes, the chefs did great!

  4. BBQ Duck in Kueh Pai Ti!
    That sounds absolutely delicious to me!


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