Friday, April 23, 2010

Save Your Food, Save The World: Tupperware Eco-Set

Tupperware Eco-Set
OK confession time: I love collecting food savers, containers, tiffin carriers and bottles (hubby's screaming in the background, "Noooo!!! Enough!"). I admit, however, some of them are even more throwaway or easily ruined than the plastic containers used by hawkers. So I guess it makes sense to invest in sturdy, good-looking containers that will last a long time. Less plastic for the landfill, less repeat buying hassle.

Tupperware's got this Eco-set as part of Earth Day celebrations. It's a sandwich container and a water tumbler in a cheery yellow drawstring bag (see above, but napkin not included). All backed by a lifetime warranty.

All you have to do is share a tip on saving the environment, and you'll get to buy this set at S$10 (normally S$20). You can go to these outlets, or call a Tupperware brand consultant.

  1. Tupperware Singapore: 85 Defu Lane 10, #01-00, Singapore 539218 - Tel: 800 601 1345
  2. Causeway Point: 1 Woodlands Square, #03-42A, Singapore 738099 - Tel: 9271 1406/6893 7768
  3. Bukit Batok: 273 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, #02-80, Singapore 650273 - Tel: 9368 5252
  4. Tampines: 419 Tampines St 41, #01-82, Singapore 520419 - Tel: 9389 3066, 6789 8133
The Tupperware Eco-Set is available from 21 April to 4 May 2010 or while stocks last.

I'm going to get one for Nadine and one for Jolie. Perfect for playschool snack time!

Hmmm, tips on saving environment? I'm sure many of us are already religiously recycling, reusing plastic bags instead of just throwing them away, bringing our own shopping bags (glamourous or otherwise), using less electricity by switching off appliances when we don't need them, taking showers instead of baths, reusing laundry water to wash bathroom floors or water plants, taking public transportation instead of cars, printing on both sides of the paper (even if it mucks up the ink cartridge), bringing own cups and containers for takeaways, installing water-efficient fixtures, choosing energy-efficient appliances, and not having the tap running while you shave or brush teeth. You could also use the timer to shave off 1-2 hours of air-conditioning at dawn - the air will still be comfortably cool, and you might wake up less sluggish.

The Baltimore Sun gave 40 tips (for Earth Day's 40 year anniversary). Some are quite unusual, and although many are U.S. centric, they do set the mind thinking.

For myself, I will add these to the list...
1. Stop Nadine and Jolie from opening the fridge and freezer doors so often and jacking up my utility bill.
2. Go meatless more often, 2-3 times a week. Meat production they say is resource intensive, and veges are still better for you. My domestic helper tells me her village folks in Indonesia get to eat chicken only once a month, and other meats only on festive occasions. Her grandmother lived hale and hearty to 93. While I don't want to live that long, I certainly wouldn't mind the healthy bit.
3. Stop spending so much time on the Internet. Yes, every second you are here means electricity consumed! Hmm, right. OK, scratch this, I'll find some other green thing to do...



  1. Hmm, this is one case where I don't mind being like a 93-year old Indonesian grandmother... :)

  2. I am not too sure about Tupperware being eco-friendly - it is PE plastic after all. My sister has started me on glass containers instead - no worries of plasticiser migration over time...

  3. LFB: Hahah, bet you'd still have flair and flourish at 93!

    Shirley: Yes, it's plastic. I think we can't avoid using plastic (especially for my toddlers), but maybe buy less plastic or longer-lasting plastic. Glass containers are best although breakable and not so recyclable.


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