Saturday, April 24, 2010

Organic Salmon with Corn-Basil-Tomato Salsa

Today I have an organic recipe to share with you. A lot of foodies still debate whether organic is really that much better, tastier or more nutritious. I haven't eaten organic in a long time. But here's my experience.

(I've tweaked the recipe a little, as the original one calls for four salmon steaks and I only had one. Feel free to adjust it to your own taste)

One salmon steak (about 225g)
Organic corn kernels, cut from half a cob
One organic shallot, sliced thinly
One sprig organic basil, sliced thinly
About 50g organic cherry tomatoes, halved
Juice of half an organic lemon
Kosher salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon olive oil
A bit of canola oil for pan-frying

1. Rub salt and pepper on salmon and set aside.
2. Brown shallots in olive oil.
3. Add corn, cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste.
4. Add basil and lemon juice and take the pan off the fire.
5. In a separate pan, fry salmon skin-side first in canola oil.
6. Serve on top on corn-basil-tomato salsa.

Organic ingredients are often imperfect-looking
So what was it like cooking organic? Right off the bat, the organic basil smelt beautiful - I didn't even have to hold it up to my nose to catch the aroma. I had some regular basil from Cold Storage for comparison and there was just no fight.

Well, the leaves did not look as gorgeous but that was not a concern for me. I have read that organic produce tends to look imperfect, as no pesticides or genetic tampering is done. The shallots also looked very different and elongated. The corn cobs were smallish and pale yellow, but the lemon and cherry tomatoes looked extra bright. Juice from the lemon turned out to be extra tart and sour - does this mean more Vitamin C? I certainly hope so.

The salmon? A marvellous whiff of ocean freshness hit me when I opened the sealed pack. But when it was cooked, the salmon taste was notably more muted than the sometimes stinky salmon I get from the wet market. 

Incredibly tangy salsa - my tomatoes a tad overcooked!
My family enjoyed the salsa in particular. It was supertangy (mainly because I used the whole lemon), so I reduced the amount for the recipe. I think I overcooked the tomatoes a little though!

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Acknowledgement: The recipe and main organic ingredients were provided by SupernaturePhotos for this recipe post were commissioned by and belong to Supernature, but the review is mine.



  1. It took me awhile to read the rest of your entry cos the first picture was truly, to use the cliché, "looks good enough to eat."

  2. wow! that looks amazing! (: My family is slowly starting to have organic food too! And use organic or rather environmentally friendly products cause my brother started the first eco store in singapore (: It's made a whole lot of difference though! Everything just smells less "chemical-ly" and more natural!

    ps: loved your post on the largest organic store! can't wait to check that out!

  3. Ooh, what a beautiful slab of salmon. That gorgeously crisp skin is calling me! I think kids will like the corn salsa very much.

  4. Looks so appetising with the colourful veges..yum yum

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