Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Julia's Homecooking

Prawn fruit salad
I'd seen many mouthwatering shots of Julia's homecooking on her blog Aromacookery. They always look more enticing than many restaurant dishes. Finally, I had a chance to try her cooking! She invited a lucky few of us over for dinner - Keropokman and Momo, HungryCow, and Derrick.

First up was a gorgeous prawn salad with mango, strawberries and dragonfruit, drizzled with a special Thai sauce.

Asparagus, sugar snap peas and white shimeji mushrooms
The vegetables are a lovely medley of asparagus, sugar snap peas and white shimeji mushrooms. Pre-blanching ensured the greens stayed crisp.

Stewed pork belly with mushrooms
Possibly my favourite dish - beautiful stewed pork belly with mushrooms in claypot! You just want to keep taking more...we polished it all off in no time. The gravy is great with rice.

Steamed fish, Teochew style
Steamed fish, Teochew style, with preserved vegetables, ginger and tomatoes. The lightly salty and tangy broth is very appetising.

Old Cucumber, Dried Scallop and Chicken Soup
Finally we had chicken soup to round up the meal. There were lots of goodies in it - old cucumber hairy gourd, dried scallop, red dates, bitter almonds. Look at how rich the soup is!

Thank you, Julia, for that wonderful meal. We all stayed and chatted til midnight. It was a lot more fun and relaxing than going to a restaurant! And yes, we all think Ricky is a super lucky husband!


  1. What a hearty meal...she sure is a great cook. Nice to see such a gathering!

  2. Oh my!! Those food really made me hungry! They look so fresh and delicious. Thanks for sharing with us all this great pictures and interesting post. I hope you can post something about Singapore's best coffee makers as I am a coffee enthusiast planning to visit Singapore in March.

  3. Delicious homecook meal! Makes me hungry! ;P

  4. CK: yes she is a fab cook!

    Michael: I'm not a coffee expert but that's an idea.

    Mun: you can try cooking these too! :)

  5. cat, you're an amazing photographer! actually, they were just simple homecooked dishes, but your photos make them look extra special. :)

    Thanks for coming, we enjoyed having all of you over. :D

    BTW, the soup was made with hairy gourd, not old cucumber. :)

  6. It's not old cucumber meh? Looks like it. How does hairy gourd look like?

  7. southernoise: oh yesssss, belly nice!

    Julia: haha, I am not a photo-magician, the food has to look good in the first place! Oh hairy gourd ah...I thought was old cucumber! lol

    Mun: I also thought was old cucumber! hahaha, me not good at soups!

  8. Man, I don't know who Julia is, but I agree: her husband Ricky sure is lucky!

    So delicious looking and home-cooked some more! :)

  9. This meal looks so healthy and fresh - and delicious too


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