Monday, January 11, 2010

Baking is such a gamble...

Have you ever noticed how good cooks and good bakers are often mutually exclusive? There's that rare breed that excels at both, but usually, one is good at either cooking or baking. Not both. Baking requires such precision that even the smallest deviation can result in failure, whereas cooking is much more forgiving. Occasionally I have beginner's luck with baking, which is like finding a great casino bonus. But there's no magic and certainly no luck's simply because we pay much more attention doing things the first time around. It helps not to be complacent the subsequent times you try the same recipe. Well, this is a reminder for myself!

I have so many kitchen tools, I really should not add more. But I'm always tempted to get more baking equipment in the hopes that it will perhaps make me a better baker. The same thing goes for cookbooks. How I love collecting books with glorious photos of baked goods in them. But actually attempting the recipes...well, sometimes even reading the steps gets me mentally tired. Baking is sometimes just too weird and too involved.

But when I do get good results, the elation is a lot more intense! And with baked goods, somehow the family tends to respond with greater appreciation! Cookies, muffins, cakes, breads and seems they can taste it's baked with love. That joy is priceless and reward in itself. It's better than winning at online slots, I'll say! That's why no matter how often I fail at baking, I will keep trying. Besides, I always learn something whenever I fail, not just when I succeed. Like who would have thought you could lose so much water through evaporation when you mix cocoa powder with hot water if you leave it uncovered as you go about the other steps in baking. I'll remember that when I next bake anything with chocolate or cocoa in it.


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