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Domino's Pizza

Pepperoni pizza - loads of mozzarella cheese and beef pepperoni
I have found my all-time favourite delivery pizza and it's Domino's! They're back after about a decade's hiatus. Singapore now has many delivery pizzas but none too outstanding. My family has, out of curiosity, tried everything out there on the market. Domino's is pretty good for a delivery pizza. PLUS, it comes to you in 30 minutes or less (it's their guarantee)! Ours arrived sizzling hot just 25 minutes after I completed my order online. How do you beat that?

Extravaganzza pizza with hand-tossed crust
Hubby and I were very happy to see their flyer show up at our home. He's very well acquainted with their product, having consumed copious quantities of it while he was working in KL. This is their Extravaganzza pizza with their Classic Hand-Tossed Crust. Nice and chewy and not overly thick. Unlike many pizzas, the crust is NOT clogged with oil as the pizza is baked on an oil-free screen. Clever.

Pepperoni pizza with New York crust
Here's their pepperoni pizza with New York crust (first photo is a close-up of this). This crust is also hand-stretched, and is thinner than the classic version. There's also a Crunchy Thin crust. Both the pizzas had generous toppings, and the value deal came with extra mozzarella (they use 100% mozzarella for all pizzas).

Cinnastix - soft, fluffy breadsticks sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar. Free when you order online!
You get free Cinnastix when you order online. These are soft, fluffy breadsticks sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. They also come with a packet of icing, if you really want to indulge that sweet tooth!

Their boxes are easily dismantled and flattened for convenient disposal
What I also like is that their packaging is designed to be easily flattened after use - makes for easy disposal! If you've ever tried shoving pizza boxes down the rubbish chute...well, you'll know what I mean.

Domino's held a blogger-only launch event
Domino's held their official launch a couple days later at their Tanjong Katong branch. At the blogger event, Cheryl, LeRoy and I (above) got to meet the management and operations team behind Domino's who shared their plans for Singapore. Right now there are two outlets at Katong and Bukit Timah, which serve customers that are within a ten-minute drive time radius (see below for map and coverage description). They intend to cover the whole of Singapore by year end with at least 9-10 outlets.

We also learnt how to assess a pizza (the bake, portion and placement - hope I got that right). They are pretty fastidious about what makes a good pizza. Even the base has to be evenly browned. I guess they have to be quality-conscious, as they have a product satisfaction guarantee.

We got to try our hands at pizza making
We even got the chance to try our hands at pizza making! It's addictive, trying to get it right. Stretching the dough is not as easy as they make it look! "Handle it with love!" says our trainer. So that's their secret!

Shenanigans in the kitchen - tossing pizza dough so high it flew out of the camera frame
We also got up to shenanigans in the kitchen. Dramatic tricks like pizza dough back throws! Sorry the pizza flew so high, it's out of the frame!

Classy Chic pizza - mozzarella cheese, smoked chicken breast, chicken sausage, green pepper, onion and olives
Of course we got to try many pizza flavours too. This is the Chicken Temptation pizza - mozzarella cheese, smoked chicken breast, turkey ham, green pepper and red pepper.

Chili chicken pizza - smoked chicken breast, onion, red pepper, red chili flakes
Chili chicken pizza - smoked chicken breast, onion, red pepper, red chili flakes. Looks more deadly than it is. It's the only one with the sweet and spicy sauce base, but it's not too spicy.

Classified Chicken - mozzarella cheese, smoked chicken breast, onion and mushroom
Classified Chicken - mozzarella cheese, smoked chicken breast, onion and mushroom - is one of two with their Top Secret Sauce. It's a creamy and cheesy white sauce with a hint of garlic. I'm having this next time, love the sauce!

Twisty Bread - garlic bread with a twist
The Twisty Bread is literally garlic bread with a twist! The seasoning even tastes like Twisties! I really like their onion rings too - even the cold one I had tasted good!

Domino's website
Right now there is an opening deal - a regular pizza for just 10 cents with every order of a regular (or larger) pizza - valid from now til Feb 28, 2010. Order by phone (6222-6333), website or in person at their store (there's a 15-minute guarantee for takeaways). There are also lots of value meal deals. Check out the website, it's bright, cheery and easy to use. Payment is by cash only for now.

Domino's is also certified halal, and products with beef are flagged for those who prefer not to take beef. Pricing is all inclusive of GST, ERP and delivery (no added extras to inflate the final cost).

Here are the locations of the store outlets and description of areas they cover:

View Larger Map
The Bukit Timah branch covers areas like Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Batok Road, Bukit Batok East Avenue, Bukit Batok West Avenue, Hillview Avenue, Chestnut Avenue, Old Jurong Road, Jalan Jurong Kechil, Bukit Panjang, Clementi, Holland Village, Jurong East, Toh Guan and Toh Tuck.

View Larger Map
The Katong branch serves Marine Parade, Tanjong Rhu, Siglap Road, Joo Chiat Road, Eunos Road, Telok Kurau, Mountbatten Road, Bedok Reservoir, Geylang East and Ubi.


301 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437084
8 Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599595
Tel: 6222-6333 (delivery hotline)
Operation hours: 11am to 11pm (good, they're open late!)


  1. Hello, Domino has started new campaign here in the U.S. also. They said that they took customer's criticism and improved everything from dough to the sauce. Since they are have a great deal here right now, I would like to try to see if they are really different :-) Domino's kitchen looks fun :-)

  2. Great news hearing of another option for pizza lovers in Singapore. Well I live outside of their 10-min radius so I'll have to contend with Canadian Pizza for now. That's my favorite pizza joint and their BBQ flavor is to-die-for :)

  3. Do they have a map that shows their 10 min radius?

  4. Hi there, have not been around in a long while, just busy no time for catching up on blogging. :) How have you been? Is that you in the picture with Cheryl? :)

  5. Ooh, lucky you, looks like you guys had a blast making your own pizzas! I hope Domino's opens an outlet near my home soon.

  6. hey bro,
    good review..
    u got it wrong for the classic chicken..
    it's actually chicken temptation..
    you got it rite for the chilli chicken and he classified chicken tho..
    thumbs up!


    Sell More Pizza!
    Have More Fun!
    Maju! Maju! Maju!

  7. hmm which do you prefer,Domino's or Pizza Hut? thinking of ordering this but Pizza Hut currently has a one-for-one promo that ends...tomorrow.

  8. I live within their 10 min radius and have not ordered it yet! Maybe I should try one of these days!

    I can't eat all of it, must get some friends over then we can order it.

  9. Mausi: That's interesting about the US operations!

    Sparklette: you must try Domino's if you're ever around these areas. The crust is so much lighter and less oily than Canadian 241!

    DK: no, but I've added maps of their store locations and the description of areas they cover. But do call and see if the address you are at fits just right inside their radius!

    SIG: Hi! Long time no see indeed! Yes, that's me in the picture. I hardly post photos of myself. Hehe.

    Julia: YES it was so fun in the kitchen! I almost feel like having a make-your-pizza party! I hope you get a Domino's near you soon. I'm sure they will. They want to cover all of Singapore.

    Ewanshah: Yo! Thanks for pointing out the Chicken Temptation. You guys have rather many chicken pizzas, you know! :P hahahaha But thanks for letting us try so many flavours!

    Stargirl: Are you kidding? I won't even eat Pizza Hut for free now! lol Definitely Domino's. No fight.

  10. Cute post!! I totally agree! Domino's the best.

  11. Oh yes, it's the first time seeing a photo of you. :) Domino's Tg Katong is very near me. :) I shall give it a try!

  12. *hyperventilates* I didn't even know Domino's was back! And at Bukit Timah oh thank you thank you thank you there is hope for pizza delivery! :D

  13. you're lucky there's enough tomato base in yours.. the photos look great. too bad the ones in KL that use to be good, now are a bit on the dry side! we need to move to Sing to eat your dominos! LOL

  14. You look great! Pizza look delicious. Would love to try.

  15. I've been ordering and eating Domino's for years but somehow you make it look delectable and mouth-watering again...

    It's just something that you do... ;)

  16. HI Camenberu,
    This is Mausi again. I have given you a Happy 101 blog award because your blog is one of my favorite blog. Please visit my blog and see how it works. Thank you!

  17. wow i didn't even know dominos has returned. sounds awesome! (=

  18. Nothing beats Pelican Pizza. The toppings are generous and it's so affordable. And the taste is divine. Dont believe, then try for yourself. Pelican Pizza, absolutely mindblowing.

  19. Hey..Now Pizza Hut had the Hot Guarantee Challenge up...Haha..Go and challenge them if not you will get 1 year free pizzas to enjoy...

  20. My opinion on Domino's is...



    Domino's will always be Pizza Hut's bitch no matter what they do!

    Suck on that Domino pizza loving fanboys/fangirls!

    If you have a problem with what I just said then do it at the link below:

    I accept off topic posting. Now come and respond to me if you dare.

    Furball of LeatherForever

  21. Tried Pizza Hut's HOT challenge last night. Too bad, did not manage to get the free pizzas. I must say they have really up their standard. I got my pizzas hot and they are on time too!

    Think I will stick to Pizza Hut for now. Still love the yummy pan hawaiian


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