Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Mango Tree at Marine Cove

Malabar Seafood Platter - Selection of tiger prawn, fish,  squid, lobster and soft shell crab, pan seared with Kerala marinade
It's a busy, busy start to the new year. I'm shuttling between unfinished kitchen and hospital (mum-in-law is very ill). But one thing we must never neglect is good food! You lose interest in food, you lose interest in life! Today I'm posting something from last year. An oldie but goodie. The Mango Tree with its coastal Indian cuisine is possibly one of the best restaurants at Marine Cove. What we also love about it is that it still has the air of a quiet, hidden gem amidst the bustling East Coast beachfront.

If you feel like splurging, go for the Malabar Seafood Platter (S$55) - a luxurious array of tiger prawn, fish, squid, lobster and soft shell crab, pan seared with Kerala marinade. Looks absolutely gorgeous. There's enough for 3-4 persons to share - and it's possibly wise to do so, as the same marinade across different seafood can prove a little tongue-numbing after a while.

Complimentary papadums!
The complimentary papadum is always a nice touch. The kids love this so much, we always need extra helpings.

Mushroom Pepper Fry - Sauteed mushroom with pepper & onion
Mushroom Pepper Fry (S$7.90) - Sauteed mushroom with pepper and onion. Another one of my favourite dishes. So simple yet so delicious.

I love the little marble alcoves
I love the elegant and understated decor. The little marble alcoves are almost like tealight shrines. There are also ornately carved wooden pillars that look like they were from a beautiful ancient palace or temple.

Mussel Masala - in thick coriander and onion gravy
Mussel Masala (S$5.90, listed under Appetiser but portion is generous enough to be a main!) in thick coriander and onion gravy. This one tastes slightly different from when I last had it. The spices seem thicker and the seafood flavour is less intense. Still love it.

Raita (S$4.50) is always a great palate cleanser. The cucumber and onions in tangy yoghurt are incredibly refreshing, and the firm tomatoes add a dash of colour.

Erachi Ularthiyathu - Tender mutton roasted with garam masala and diced coconut
Erachi Ularthiyathu (S$14) - Tender mutton roasted with garam masala and diced coconut. We always, always, always have this when we come here. This dish will convert even the most die-hard of mutton haters.

White fluffy basmati rice
Sometimes simple rice done right can be such a treat. White, fluffy basmati is so good with the rich curries and dishes.

Mango lassi
Drinks here are fairly expensive. The mango lassi is S$7++. But at least it's thick and luscious.

The Mango Tree, named for the tree at its al fresco dining area
The Mango Tree is named for the literal tree outside the restaurant. We have been there a couple of times and most of the food is competently done. This series of photos is from last September. It's the first with the DSLR but it's before I got my external flash unit. Oh how I struggled with the cosy dim lighting then! Well, next time I can enjoy the ambiance without fretting about lighting!

THE MANGO TREE (website is good, menu has everything, including prices! Wish more restaurants were this comprehensive)
1000 East Coast Parkway
B23 Marine Cove
Tel: 6442-8655 / 6442-1655
Mon-Thurs: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Fri: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6.30pm - 11pm
Sat: 11.30am - 11pm
Sun: 11.30am - 10.30pm

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  1. Dear valued Customers,

    We would like to inform that we have moved!!! we are no longer at the Marine Cove at East Coast Park. In February 2012, we were forced to relocate to give way to government upgrading projects. We are currently located at Katong 112 at East Coast Road 03-11.

    The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant
    112 East Coast Road,
    Singapore 428802,
    112 KATONG

    Tel. no : 66049661, 66049662

    Fax no : 66049663

    Hope this small information will help for your search.

    Best Regards
    The Management Team.


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