Monday, September 14, 2009

Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2009 Supports Local Music!

Chillin' right up there on the Green Roof
Hey folks, how many of you came to Ben & Jerry's Chunk Fest 2009 last Saturday at Marina Barrage? Well, apparently 15,000 people did - almost twice the number who came last year!

More than 15,000 turned up for Chunk Fest 2009!
It was a lovely day. Lots of sunshine, nice and friendly people, picnics, kites in the breezy sky. Grooving to the live music of some of the best local bands! Very relaxing - a perfect day for ice cream!

I'm melting!
I tested four of the 12 special flavours exclusive to Chunk Fest for a video review by KlikTV. Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl, Orange & Cream, Berry Berry Extraordinary and Coffee. All quite delicious, although I really think my place is behind the camera, not in front of it!

Hippies R' Us!
The hippie theme added colour and charm to the laid back atmosphere.

Beautiful Day - breezy, sunny, relaxing, lots of ice cream and a kickass concert!
The whole event lasted from 2pm til 10pm. There were games including the Vermonster challenge, which I somehow missed. I hear the winners wolfed down the 20 scoops of ice cream and toppings in 59 seconds! As part of their prize, they are entitled to free Vermonsters (S$88) all year at Ben & Jerry Scoop shops.

What I really came for were the performances by seven local bands handpicked for their original music by Ben & Jerry along with local music ambassadors Jack and Rai.

The music was recorded live and will be available as "Chunk Tunes" to be sold (at only S$13!) from 19 Oct 2009 at all Ben & Jerry Scoop Shops. All proceeds go to the musicians, as Ben & Jerry believes in helping them go further in their music careers.

For This Cycle (Weiwen Seah) is just 16 but bloody talented!
I like Weiwen Seah. He may only be 16 but this singer-songwriter has already signed on a music label. He performs under the name "For This Cycle" - have a listen at his Myspace page.

Jack and Rai wowed the crowds
Jack and Rai wowed the crowd! I love their energy, and think their original numbers are real gems. Rai even sang a number in Mandarin.

The Bakerloo Line drew chants of "encore!" for their performance
Hubby's band, The Bakerloo Line, came on after Jack and Rai. They drew fans right into the mosh pit, who chanted "encore!" even after five songs had been played. These guys are in the midst of recording their own album. I hope they go places!

Almost looks like a sci-fi invasion scene, with the robotic feel, spotlights for eyes and antennae
The buildings look like they are rockin' to the music as well!

People still not letting go of kites at night!
People sure had fun. Some of them were still holding on to their kites at night!

Marina Barrage at night
It was almost sad to leave. Well, just watch out for more moovellous events from Ben & Jerry throughout the year. I must get copies of Chunk Tunes! Will give out some here when I can get my hands on 'em!

Finally I have an iPhone cover
Til then....Peace, Love and Ice Cream, y'all!


  1. 1st picture caption:

    "Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?"

    "No, it's..."

    "... Ben & Jerry Ice-cream falling from the sky! Run for your lives!!!"

    Okay, a bit of drama on a tepid Tuesday morning, if only to liven things up. An ice-cream fest? Colour me officially jealous. :D

  2. Haha, you are so funny, Kenny. You can hold your own ice cream fest too! Get all the bloggers together and everybody eat ice cream!

  3. Oh, can't believe I missed out on all that ice cream and The Bakerloo Line! It's great to see Ben & Jerry's supporting local bands. :)

  4. I like weiwen too! Love his singing! :):)

  5. I so want that iPhone casing!!!! So nice!! :x
    so jealous...
    Their ice creams are as usual nice~

  6. Where did u get that iPhone casing? It's too pretty! :)

  7. Julia: must go next year!

    Lil Teochew: nope, hubby stays anonymous!

    JaimeLN: His singing makes you feel light and happy, doesn't it?

    Joshua and Anonymous: Yes, that iPhone casing is cute, isn't it? They were selling it at the Chunk Fest merchandise booth - S$8 only! I wonder if they have more they can sell at scoop shops...

  8. Oh my what a colorful event!

    Smashing photos you have here :) I especially like the photo montage, the one with the fountain in the foreground with the Flyer in the background, and the iPhone cover of course!

    And is it me or do Jack & Rai seem to be at every event these days.

  9. I feel like buying an iPhone so that I can get the cover hahahaa!


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