Thursday, September 17, 2009

The OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2009 Ceremony

Someone came in curlers! A stormtrooper got lost too.
Bloggers of all stripes (no lepered prince or jeebras though) gathered at SupperClub last night for the OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2009 ceremony. The theme was "Bedroom" - can you spot the lady in curlers? Sorry for grainy photos. I didn't intend to take any initially, and only had my iPhone with me.

Minister George Yeo was sporting enough to come
Foreign Minister George Yeo was Guest-of-Honour, and even came early for the event.

Guess who crashed the party?
Oh, look who crashed the party?

Teeny tiny portions of food wafted over to us from time to time
I plonked myself down with Keropokman, Momo, Ladyironchef and his friend. The comfy beds encouraged a laid back vibe. But we were all hungry (hey, food bloggers always are!). From time to time, servers would come with light refreshments, but portions proved too small and infrequent for us.

Fusion "Chow Mein" - smoked salmon pasta with mushrooms and pecans
Pasta served in mini Chinese take-out boxes, which was the more edible of the snacks served (others being middling canapes and deep-fried beef mince balls that were revoltingly mushy). Nope, I guess you don't come to SupperClub for suppers. I'm surprised they dared serve this to the Minister!

Didn't I tell you the theme was "Bedroom"?
This is one of the finalists, I think? I still don't know who it is, but I love the stormtrooper suit!

I really like the Fabrix camera case
They gave out Fabrix camera cases. I was amazed that these were made in Singapore. Quality material, individually handcrafted and even has space for two memory cards inside the pouch. Thoughtful design!

Oh and do head on over to Ellena Guan's "Cuisine Paradise" to congratulate her on winning "Best Food Blog" for 2009! She's been blogging a long time (since 2005). I remember seeing her blog way back. It's still as warm and motherly today.

Thank you too, for all of you who put in a vote for me. This has been fun. There are so many good blogs out there, and I'm glad to have discovered many new ones in the OMY Singapore Blog Awards. One of the gems they uncovered is Laukokkok, a 47-year-old guy who writes about old buildings, paraphernalia and all things nostalgic. He won the Best Individual Blog award. Bravo!

You can see the full list of winners here.


  1. Congratulations on all the winners! We should have an awards ceremony like this here in KL too... so classy. :)

  2. aiyah... I didn't bump into u. think I sat on the balcony oppoite you (judging frm ur pics)

    I thought the food was damn bad though :(

  3. LFB: Ha, maybe you can lobby The Star or NST to hold one! Or join the Nuffnang Asia Pacific awards!

    Holly: yeah, food was certainly not the highlight. I tried to look out for you, but I was also too lazy to move from the beds most of the time. Didn't see DK either.

  4. Hi Catherine! :)

    Btw I didn't know that they gave out Fabrix camera cases .. you mean, everyone who attended got one, not just the winners?

  5. wow u and phil so fast! i dont think i gonna blog abt it. lol! yea the fabrix's nice, if only they have one for dslr. muahahaha! Camemberu is still my favourite Singapore food blog :)

  6. yes camemberu FTW! even the photo spoofs are up to date with the times!

  7. Hi camemberu,

    Thanks for your comments :) I was trying to look out for some other food blogger too... hehehe...but i think i just saw JK2 but not you and the rest of the food blogger in person :(

  8. Leonny: yes, I got my Fabrix case at the reception/registration area. They didn't give you one?

    LIC: thanks for the support!

    Southernoise: haha, thanks too! I guess the photo spoofs only work if readers are also up-to-date.

    Cuisine Paradise: Hi Ellena, congrats on the win! we were lounging upstairs, too lazy to move from the comfy beds!

  9. Hahaha, the stormtrouper is from no? :)

  10. Yes, you have a cool site too! And the 501st Legion is awesome too! *cue Imperial March music*


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