Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aston's Prime Revisited

Mmmmh, this is what we should have eaten on Sunday. Nice juicy steak at Aston's Prime. Instead, we went to try this joint (which shall remain unnamed) and had lousy burger and ribs. Sometimes exploration isn't such a good thing, when you already know tried-and-tested places.

Cheeseburger at Aston's Prime
There, a much nicer cheeseburger with chopped mushrooms, and better fries too.

Close-up of burger
Close-up of the burger patty. Sorry I couldn't get a clear shot. I always have problems with the lighting at Aston's Prime. It's warm and cosy but hell for photography!

Cream of mushroom soup, with slice of bread that's seen better days
The cream of mushroom soup is a big hot bowl with generous chunks. But the slice of garlic baguette has seen much better days.

The unsalted herbed butter
Actually, when we came here (this set of photos was from our second visit back in Nov 2008), there were very few customers at lunchtime on Saturday. I don't know if the recession will make business worse. Aston's Prime is still good value-for-money. Decent grub with no GST or service charge to inflate your bill. It's probably where I should go next time I'm craving steak and burgers, to avoid disappointment with other places.

467 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 6344 2447
Open 1130-2300hrs
(Closed 1st Tuesday of each month)


  1. care to *hint hint* about the location of the lousy burger so that we can at least take some precaution... *grinz*

  2. True, *anticipating the hints for the burger joint that disappoints*

    I understand the disappointment when trying out new places and most of the times, we just regret not going to the tried-and-tested places... The same thing goes to desserts too...

    Before this post, the photos on flickr has already gotten my attention, the steak looks generously thick and the mushroom shop looks good as an appetitizer...

    Even though it was mentioned in your blog that the lighting is warm, your photos has never fail to make me crave for savoury food...

  3. Happy 牛 Year to you and your family... May Nadine and Jolie have a wonderful CNY with lots of red packets and sweet treats :)

  4. FG: hurhur, I won't say the name but it's in the East.

    Fen: thank you very much, for both comments!

    D: Happy lunar new year too!

  5. Happy new year! I know it's a little bit late but what can I do. :D Terenuri Bucuresti


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