Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Palm Pre - An Apple in the Palm

Ooh, I have to interrupt my food posts with this. But it's still yum yum! Finally, a smartphone that might beat the iPhone at its game! The Palm Pre is creating some buzz at CES 2009 - it won the Best in Show award. Wired lists six reasons why it's special, and I like 'em all. PCMag was blown away and calls it the hottest new product. Here's Phonescoop's video preview. CNET hopes the Pre will spur Apple to get off its laurels and innovate faster (was the last Macworld keynote a snore or what?).

I'm a big Apple fan but I have held off on the iPhone myself - awesome as it is, it isn't without its limitations. Actually, I've held off on all smartphones in general, because none of them seem to have gotten the whole package right. Many iPhone clones don't make the mark either. But the Pre sure looks promising. It takes what I like about the iPhone and does a pretty good job improving on it. And no wonder, Palm's executive chairman (Jon Rubinstein) of 18 months was formerly head of Apple's iPod division. So this is Palm with some Apple DNA.

The slide-out keyboard should be a godsend for those who don't like digital keyboards, but can seem uncool to others. Well, it certainly beats Graffiti on the Palm OS which made you relearn how to write the alphabet!

Hmm, I'm excited. I waaant one. I never thought Palm would come back from the dead. But let's wait and see the actual product, pricing and performance before we get too happy.

[photos from Palm US website]

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