Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Toy

Black Sony Ericsson C905
The kind folks at Sony Ericsson have loaned me a Cyber-shot C905 to play with. This 8 megapixel phone was launched in Singapore late October last year. Here are some trial photos (the ones below). What do you think of them?

Xin Wang Cafe at Siglap
We took it to Xin Wang Cafe at Siglap. Our first visit there, and it turned out to be fairly pleasant. Cosy, warm-lit and family-friendly.

Hong Kong Iced Milk Tea
We adore Hong Kong style iced milk tea. This one came in a rather small mug though, compared to other places which give you a huge glass.

Borsch soup
Hubby enjoyed this tomato-based soup which has diced carrot and celery.

Fried four season beans with sambal belachan
The other winner was the fried four season beans with sambal belachan. Richly umami with lots of dried prawns. Beans a little soggy but hubby didn't seem to mind that.

Pork chops with fries
Pork chops with a truckload of fries, baked beans and a fried egg. Huge greasy platter, and hubby was in heaven.

Fermented pork ramen
Dry ramen with "fermented pork". The name may put some people off but I think they use this fermented red beancurd or soybean paste to marinate the meat, which is then deep-fried. Not too bad.

Panfried dumplings
Pan-fried dumplings filled with chives. The cameraphone allows several white balance modes which is somewhat helpful. I thought I could tweak some of the experimental shots with post-processing, but hmmm, can't seem to get it right.

When I can't get the colour right, B&W is the way to go!
Sometimes, when you can't get the colours right, just toss 'em out. I quite like this photo of Nadine this way.

Steamed radish cakes
Steamed radish cakes that were too smooth and soft for my liking.

Har gau (shrimp dumplings)
Some har gau (shrimp dumplings) to round up the meal.

Shots with children are a little harder as the C905 camera is a bit slow
Still life is easy but fast-moving objects like rambunctious children are a challenge. The cameraphone seems a tad slow when capturing photos at the full 8-megapixel format. Maybe I should try it at a lower resolution and see.

These preliminary photos may not be an ideal representation. I'm still learning how to use the camera, which has a gabazillion features I have yet to fully grasp. Obviously no cameraphone will ever replace a DSLR, but I have to say, the quality of cameraphone photos sure has come a long way.


  1. I still prefer the outputs from DSLR :)

  2. wow.. nice food blog ... i added your link in my blog .. do visit mine when free ya..

    cheers :)

  3. That is a nice smile of Nadine, guessed she has recovered (saw your comment that she wasn't well during X'mas)...

    How's Jolie, didn't see her picture?

  4. Happy New Phone, I mean Year ;-)

    Oh, your camera phone works so much better than mine. My camera phone is hopeless.

  5. Nice food buddy. Really delicious.

  6. your food really make drooling especially the sambla dishes! honestly I never take pix wt my camera phone all this years,maybe I dunno what I've miss:) I still prefere regular point and shot camera but DSLR is always welcome:)

  7. That's a lovely pic of Nadine in sepia tones. Very nice of Sony-E to loan you the cameraphone... technology improves everything, doesn't it? :)

    Happy new year to you and your family, dear!

  8. for a camera phone, i think the output is pretty decent!

  9. kinda good pics for a camera phone. well, you are a good photographer, that's for sure.

    happy new year, camemberu! ;)

  10. Cameraphone are a bit slow to capture moments.

    Resolution looks good. You are pretty lucky to have Sony Ericsson to loan your this phone;)

  11. MissyG: yeah, if only they can make DSLR as small, light and portable!

    Thanks for visiting, eggtoast!

    Fen: Jolie's fine - she's the only one who didn't get the gastric virus, miraculously! Well, she was sleeping, so we didn't bring her out for this shoot.

    K-man: heh, you are using the HTC right? it's a powar phone too!

    Beachlover: yeah, nothing beats DSLR but it's quite the beast to lug around, especially when you have kids!

    Kenny: thanks, couldn't agree more.

    Southernoise: indeed! especially when compared to my old VGA-model! lol

    Nic: Thanks! I have much to learn before I'm as good as you! :P

    Mommysam: ah so. I haven't used cameraphones for a long time. No wonder. Yes, I count myself lucky.


  12. Can the kind folks at Sony Ericsson loan me a Cyber-shot C905 to play as well? Afterall, I have been a loyal SE fan for the longest time ;)

    Anyway, nice pics that you took ... i think it is really dependent on the skill of the photographer, more than the camera ;)

  13. Great pics! I'm glad SE finally decided to do the right thing after your previous post on the C905 muahaha

    Glad to hear Jolie's okay :D

    Happy new year and soon to be CNY!

  14. Haha, that is very kind of you Keevy! I would lend you the C905 if I could!

    Ben-G: Wow, you really remember things! Happy CNY to you too!


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