Monday, December 1, 2008

Nadine at Jacob Ballas Children's Gardens

Speaking of Nadine, here's our current favourite photo of her, haring down the road in search of adventure. This one captures her essence so well. She's always striding ahead fearlessly, determined to explore and enjoy her world.

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden school outing
The photo was taken at a school trip to the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden (JBCG) at Singapore Botanic Gardens. It's near the NUS Bukit Timah campus. The park is not very big, but is packed with lots of little features (see map here for full details).

Not fully awake from her afternoon nap yet
JBCG has a lot of potential for educating young children, but exploring the park in scorching weather can be a challenge. They do provide lots of rest stops and booths for shade though.

The only F&B outlet there, Kidz Cafe
The only F&B outlet is a Kidz Cafe at the lobby/entrance of the gardens. Expect fries and nuggets, food that most kids love. Apparently you can't bring food into the gardens, but I doubt this rule is really enforced.

Some areas are ironically not pram-friendly
Ironically for a children's garden, some areas are not that pram-friendly.

Nadine and a teacher sliding down the treehouse tunnel
But we all had fun despite the heat. This is Nadine and a teacher going down the tunnel slides at the giant treehouse. Tandem sliding?

Waterlilies - beauty amidst dirt
They have water plants on show as well, near the floating platform.

Dead tree rising
This is a bit eerie. They transplanted a very old and very dead tree - it had been struck by lightning.

Explanation of century-old tree struck by lightning
Hide and seek here? No thanks. I wonder why it could not have been left back where it was in the main Botanical Gardens.

There is abundant life elsewhere though. Bold dragonflies that enjoy a bit of "still-life" modelling.

Musical bells at the sandpit
There's a sandpit with playground-like toys. Nadine liked the musical bells.

The kids loved the waterplay area
But the most popular by far was the waterplay area. The kids almost refused to leave the place!

I brought my point-and-shoot camera because I didn't want to risk soaking the DSLR. I'm glad I did that, because we got video too! Look at how excited she is!

And Nadine gets caught in the act - cheekily inspecting fellow schoolmate Ian's bum.

Nadine running around
Catch me if you can? I think Nadine really enjoyed this outing, like she did the National Museum one.

Opening hours: 8.00am - 7.00pm; closed on Mondays (except when it falls on a public holiday)
Admission is Free - the Children's Garden is open to children up to 12 years old. All children have to be accompanied by an adult. No pets allowed.


  1. I really love that first photograph too - even before I read your description of it, I could see that she was determined and looking for excitement. It looks like she had a great day. :)

  2. Children can show us adults all how to just let go and be ourselves and simply have FUN! :)

  3. I like the first picture as well. Looks like Nadine really enjoyed herself. That was really cheeky of her to check out the boy's bum. lol

    This is a nice place for kids to enjoy the nature.

  4. I liked this place. Next time will alight at Bukit Timah. You know our 1st trip to the Children garden, we walk from the Botanic Garden entrance to there, which take 1 hour. Phew! Thank god we made it;)

  5. Is that you holding onto Nadine down the slide? ;)

  6. Katie: thanks, she did!

    Kenny: YUP! It's wonderful to just be and just enjoy!

    Didally: she can be so naughty sometimes! lol

    Mommysam: omigosh! That's a long walk! I also initially thought it might be near the other entrance, until I checked the website and looked at the map!

    Ju: haha, no, that's a Rainbow Centre teacher. I better clarify in case people think it's me!

  7. wow the first photo is very nice. how did u do that? the black and white background with the colours on nadine onli? i thought usually the whole picture will be black and white

  8. beautiful post processing of this shot of nadine! A powerful picture this is to me. It shows her determination and fearlessness to stomp right thro!

  9. I was told only children and their parents can go in to JBCG.

    Maybe next time I shall baby sit some kids to get in :-)

    Nadine's a really brave girl.

  10. Oh wow, I was just there too a few days before you. It's great fun for the kids. :)

  11. Oops! I just read that you can't bring food into the park?? I didn't know that. Gosh, we had a picnic there! :P

  12. the vid of nadine checkin out someones butt was hillarious!!!

  13. hehe, thanks, all! i think i missed replying a few people here!


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