Sunday, December 7, 2008

Marvelous Cream

Mix berries cream cheesecake in a chocolate waffle cone
Wow, this was awesome! "Mix berries cream cheesecake" in a chocolate waffle cone from Marvelous Cream. Gorgeous, fresh berries in a rich, cream cheese ice cream. Trust the Japanese to make cold marbletop mix-in ice creams really enticing! You can choose from 28 creations (see delicious photos here), or devise your own personal blend.

Choose from a variety of premium Hokkaido ice-cream
Choose your base ice cream from flavours like White Milk Cream, Marsala Espresso, European Cream Cheese, Golden Vanilla, Strawberry Cream, Fruity Mango, Hazelnut Praline and Belgium Chocolate. All premium Hokkaido ice cream.

Toppings galore to choose from - fruits, cake, jelly, nuts, macarons, sauces!
Toppings include
- fruits: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, melon, mango, banana, apple compote
- cake/sweets: sponge cake, brownie, millefeuille, tart, marshmallow, rum raisin, chocolate chip, white choc slice, cocoa powder
- jelly: coffee, mango
- nuts: hazelnut, pecan, almond, dessicated coconut
- macarons: vanilla, raspberry
- sauces: fresh cream, caramel, Koo Belcher choc, condensed milk!

Chocolate-coated ice cream cone
Then, choose the size of your desired delight - Junior $4.90, Regular $6.20, Large S$8.80 for preset creations, which come with about 3-4 toppings. Custom order ice creams start from Junior $4.30, Regular $5.50, Large S$7.90 and come with one free topping (additional toppings S$0.60).

Finally, choose the container (paper cup is free, waffle bowl/cone add S$1, chocolate-coated waffle bowl/cone add S$1.50).

The parfait range from Marvelous Cream
They also have readymade desserts in a cup, called Premium Parfait. Extra Berry Shortcake, European Caramel Custard, Banana Cream Brulee, Tiramisu, Belgium Noisette Chocolat, Exotic Patissier, and Mont Blanc.

Japanese cold stone ice creamery Marvelous Cream is now at Citylink Mall!
Marvelous Cream in Japan has outlets in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Gifu, Ibaraki, and Okinawa. But in Singapore, you can get your fix at CityLink Mall. I hope more outlets open soon!

#B1-04 Citylink Mall, One Raffles Link, Singapore 039393
Tel: 6238-1863


  1. wow! thanks for the review on this shop.
    been finding it for ages!

  2. you HAVE to try Belgium Noisette Chocolat!

  3. All those flavors look amazing, it's a shame I'm so far away!

  4. i always wanted to try this since i heard it open. but which end of citylink is it? how come i don't remember seeing it when i passed by.

    anyway, such a coincidence to finally see you in person. nice meeting you at jiawei : )

  5. Wow!! That looks absolutely delicious!

  6. :D - you're welcome!

    elleve: lol, I almost did! was tossing between this mix berries and the noisette. I have to go back and try it.

    Choc Shavings: ah pity.

    LIC: this is nearer the Suntec City side. Nice meeting you in person today too.

    Jenn: thanks!

  7. Ooo.. the mixed berries with cheesecake looks yummy!

    Price seems to be the high side.

  8. Am definitely going to try the mix berries cream cheesecake! Its so near my office but still havent stop for a fix yet :( I didnt see it when i was in osaka a month back.

  9. Ooo.. Another ice cream place to try :-)

    psst. It's so much easier than making your own right?

  10. I find it not value for money. The taste may be great for the portion is tiny. =/

  11. Yes, pricey but more worthwhile than than those generic 2L tubs! And yeah, easier than making my own! hehehe

  12. Lately there aren't any business going on...

  13. nyam nyam enak banget dech... ampe ketagihan


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