Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Jack lights up the Singapore Flyer with his spooky smile
Spotted this from a cab whizzing by the Singapore Flyer. Happy Halloween! Now why didn't they put up a giant ketupat for Hari Raya? Or maybe they did and I missed it? lol


  1. Lol abt ketupat. Hubby mentioned the pumpkin but thanks to you, I'm seeing it now.

  2. Cute! I'm even more impressed that you could snap such a sharp photo even though you were in a cab whizzing past :P

  3. Apparently, it is telling us the Singapore Flyer is not meant for SIngaporeans? I will look out if Santa is up there in Dec and an Ang Pow is up there during CNY ;p

  4. SIG: haha, you're welcome!

    Veron: Yeah, it was a lucky shot. Thank goodness my kids on my lap did not grab my camera, or block my lens!

    Tigerfish: haha, I am waiting to see too!


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