Saturday, November 1, 2008

Korea Festival 2008

Cute kids running around in kiddy hanbok
Korea Festival 2008 (1-16 Nov) starts today! One of the largest cultural events of its type showcasing music, art, performance, movies, sports and food. I went to the Korean Flavour Fiesta at Vivocity (Skypark, L3) which is on only this weekend (1-2 Nov, 12.30pm to 8pm).

You can tell Korean food isn't one of my favourite, when after 450 posts, I still don't have a single entry on Korean food. I've just never had the fortune to experience really good Korean cuisine to be hooked. But I've been more curious of late. There are more restaurants these days, and hubby's bringing back stories from his Korea trips. Time to explore this more!

Samples of kimchijeon
The food exhibit is really small (only three booths) but quite educational for me, given that I'm totally uninitiated in this cuisine. They showcased different types of kimchi, cuisine for Korean royalty, and seasonal dishes. I will post detailed photos of the exhibits over the next few days.

Food tasting
They had a small food-tasting area, offering kimchijeon, bulgogi and japchae.

Kimchijeon - kimchi pancake
The sample of kimchijeon or kimchi pancake that I got. Tastes like what I thought it might.

Korean food and drink products
Fans of Korean products will be glad to find a small stall with various snacks, fruits and drinks.

Prepacked instant food
Microwave packs. Personally, not my kind of food, but maybe if you're really craving a Korean quickfix at 3am, this might be a stopgap solution. Hmm, on second thoughts, still no.

Free kimchi-making class
There's free kimchi-making classes for those interested. They take only 10 at a time, and there are staggered classes.

Korean Food Institute
They have a food institute too. It's in a women's university. Hmm, where do the male chef wannabes go?

Tomorrow: nine different kinds of kimchi!


  1. I was at the Korean Festival too! Haha

  2. FQ: haha, did you take photos too? :D Look forward to seeing some!

    Southernoise: nah, I didn't. It was just too hot (event is outdoors). I wouldn't dare try to ferment anything of my own anyway. lol

  3. I was there too. The ultra big bibimbap was delicious.

  4. Wow...I love Korean food, I can even eat Korean kim chi everyday...

  5. Hi all,

    Thought of wanted to share out my newfound Korean Kimchi website.

    I have tasted it and it tasted good and fresh, not like those in Tesco, Giant, Cold Storage. Also the price is affordable.

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