Friday, October 24, 2008

Tangs Island Cafe

Crayfish Laksa
Does anyone know what's good at Island Cafe upstairs at Tangs? I vaguely remember I had something decent there a few years ago, but just can't recall what. Momo blogged a nice Sio Bak (roast pork) which looks pretty good. On a recent trip there, my friend had the crayfish laksa (S$13). But he found it lacking in flavour. Not salty enough, and the curry was a bit diluted.

Penang Fried Kway Teow
I can never resist Penang fried kway teow, but the ones in Singapore are a gamble. This one (S$12) is nowhere near what I was hoping for. It's closer to the sweetish, gooey Singapore version. And though it doesn't look like much, it'll sit in your stomach for the rest of the day. Serves us right for being too lazy to walk elsewhere for lunch.


  1. tangs cafe, somesort like high class hawker food. its certainly good to see even our hawker food can turn upscale, but i think i still prefer my katong laksa, and $2 char kway teow. hahaha

  2. Yeah, Island Cafe always reminds me of those hotel cafes serving overpriced local food for visitors. Nice decor and ambiance though.

  3. Haha... You know my husband is like you still scooping around Singapore to look for good Penang Char Kway Teow too. He's also Malaysian who don't like Singapore Char Kway Teow:p So far he still cannot find:( How about you?

  4. how about the penang kway teow at Kiliney Kopitiam? I find that quite authentic... :)

  5. how about the penang kway teow at Kiliney Kopitiam? I find that quite authentic... :)

  6. S$12 for Penang kway teow is too expensive for me.

  7. Mommysam: haha, so I am not the only one! I still haven't found a really good one either. Out of all I tried, seems the Killiney Kopitiam one is the closest.

    Joe: yes, not bad for shop-eat-shop marathon! :)

    Choc Reindeer: yes, I like that one too. Just wish they used fried pork lard bits to make it perfect!

    Jess: if it was tasty, I wouldn't mind paying S$12. It's a pleasant setting, got service, got aircon. But the dish wasn't worth the calories, never mind the price tag.

  8. many many moons back... many many, there was a Penang food coffeeshop that served NICE penang styled char kway teow along bencoolen.

    I was quite mad when the whole shop morphed into something else that I can't remember now.

  9. i agree with your friend on the laksa. its worst, if you choose the healthy version. i was surprised by the sio bak there at day. Perhaps a rare time that its good? hehe.

    Have also tried the chicken rice there before, no way near the $3 ones you pay at any hawker stall.

    so i concluded, only if i have points expiring, will i use it to pay for my food there :P

  10. u take such lovely pictures! sorry to hear the noodles weren't up to expectations..i have never had it but one day i must have the singaporean and penang version!

  11. wow sure I will aoid this pplace till I hear any improvement down the road, I will drop by this 1st week of december!

  12. Southernoise: Ah, I don't suppose we could track it down - that shop from Bencoolen Street? Lost & Found project!

    Momo: yeah, food there seems quite hit and miss, but there are no lack of customers.

    Diva: Thanks! Yes, do try - they are quite different, Penang vs Singapore!

    BBO: Hey, you're coming down to Singapore? Just in time for some festive shopping! And eating! :)


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