Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Armenian Street Fried Kway Teow and Prawn Fritters

Armenian Street fried kway teow is now at 15 Upper East Coast Road (facing Jalan Tua Kong)
Does anyone remember the Armenian Street char kway teow that had its own call to fame at one time (maybe like 10 years ago)? I saw a stall claiming Armenian Street heritage tucked away inside the narrow coffeeshop at 15 Upper East Coast Road, at the junction with Jalan Tua Kong. Yes, where Rajah's Curry is. But some people say this is not related to the original stall, which has shifted to North Bridge Road. Oh well.

Fried kway teow
I tried it, out of curiosity. Hmmm, it was not too bad, but no big shakes. I always use the Hill Street one at Bedok South as my yardstick, and so far nothing beats that, for me. But this one is fine if you're not fussy.

Fried prawn fritters
They also sell various ngoh hiang or wuxiang prawn fritters. The prawn fritters were a bit cold by the time I got to eating them, so they tasted less than ideal, but kudos to the stall for their dipping sauce, which is rather unusual and complex. Sorry but the photo of the sauce didn't turn out well. I didn't bring my usual camera, so my little point-and-shoot had trouble with the lighting at dusk.

15 Upper East Coast Road (facing Jalan Tua Kong)


  1. ooh, although i live really close by, i've never tried this... i usually eat the chicken rice or the fishball noodles.

  2. Its either your photography skill is very good or the food is excellent. It looks good on the picture!

    For the many wu xiang i have tried, i believe tiong tiong used to be at Jackson's Hawker centre(currently at a coffee shop ard that area) taste the best!

  3. HEeee....thanks for covering food in the east coz I stay near this area. So there is more chances for me to try ;p

  4. For half a minute there, I misread the title of the post and left out the "Street" bit... I was wondering, "I thought Char Kway Teow was Chinese, not Armenian??"


  5. I've been wanting to go ever Bedok for the Hill Street CKT for the longest time. I still remember that ritual of visiting Funan center every weekend for CDs at DaDa Records and Roxy and a plate of their CKT and Hill Street preserved plum drink. ahhh....

    if only I can relive that again.

  6. southernoise: u just stir up my dad used to patronise roxy frequently in the he always brought me along to taste wat u just mentioned above.....

  7. Nice.....Work! Nice Photoes too! Now I have more choices in the east to try. Thanks for your info!

  8. I remember the char kuey teow at Armenian my dad used to take us there. The old man used to fry it. No idea where they went? The wanton noodles there I think were nice too. Quite long ago, can't remember very well.

  9. CR: Tell me about it! I live so nearby and yet this is the first time I've tried this coffeeshop per se!

    Jackson: haha thanks. The wuxiang fritters you mention is Lao Zhong Zhong isn't it? Yes, I ate there a couple of times. I'm trying to find a nice alternative nearer home.

    Tigerfish: you're most welcome. The East is my area, so it's convenient for me.

    LFB/Kenny: haha, perils of speed-reading!

    Southernoise: DaDa Records! That rings such a nostalgic bell! My, you have been in Singapore a long time!

    Jackson: cool!

    Hi homeladychef - not related to Ladyironchef, are you? :) Thanks, glad you like the photos

    SIG: Hearsay has that the CKT has moved to North Bridge Road but I am not sure where.


    replied :)

  11. Hahahah! TTC, that reply is so funny! Thanks!

  12. yup it is the same one that was opposite sub-station. i recognise the guy. He did move to north bridge road but he was gone by the time i managed to locate the store.

    thanks for putting this up, at least i know where to look when i want my non-soggy white char kway teow. its hard to find good white char kway teow. When it comes to char kway teow without sweet sauce, most hawkers cant get it right.

  13. The cha kuey teow at Armenian street was really the best... don't know where they moved to? The strange thing about this stall was that the guy who fried the kuey teow was bare- footed.. ! And his cha kuey teow was out of this world!

  14. Armenian street Ngoh Hiang had moved to 128 Tembeling Road! Taste is still the same.

  15. The Armenian Street Char Kway Teow has moved to Anchorvale Blk 303 (right next to Renjong LRT station).

    The owner of the CKT stall (who knows the Ngoh Hiang owners) says that the ngoh hiang people have retired.

  16. Hi all, thanks for all the love. Armenian Street Char Kway Teow is now on Facebook & we had updated the branches information there! In total, we have 3 branches in Singapore now! Do drop by and visit us if you still miss us!! =)


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