Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kohi-Ten at Cuppage Terrace

Coffee jelly...mmmh!
Sample portions of coffee jelly served with whipped cream and kiwifruit. They look so tempting, and I regret not sampling any at the relaunch of Cuppage Terrace. These are from Kohi-Ten or "Coffee Shop" in Japanese.

Kohi-Ten prides itself on siphon-brew coffee, using quality beans from UCC (Ueshima Coffee Company). I'm not a huge coffee fan but I do like the coffees I had in Japan. Have never seen this siphon-brew there though. The baristas will perform this coffee-brewing act right before your eyes. I should come back and try it someday, and bring hubby too (he's the real coffee connoisseur in the house).

If coffee isn't your cuppa, you can try their hot chocolate. They'll serve you chocolate nuggets melting in steaming hot milk - that itself sounds like a visual treat.

Food samples
Chicken teriyaki sandwiches and Japanese pizza toast for sampling - looks like the Hong Kong cafe style thick toast bread slices have invaded this place. Other food include soups, salads, pasta and hot mains. They serve breakfast too, from S$9.90 (inclusive of the special siphon brew coffee).

Stark monotones but casually chic
You'll find Kohi-Ten right at the entrance of Cuppage Terrace, next to Hibiki, a Japanese restaurant by the same owners. Stark but pleasant monotones dominate the cafe, and the staff seem friendly. There's an al fresco area too. Prices start at S$3.80 for coffee, S$10.80 for mains and S$6.90 for desserts.

Sorry I don't have more Hibiki vouchers to give away (only had one), but here are the Kohi-Ten opening promotions that everyone can enjoy.

Lunchtime special: free siphon-brew coffee (worth S$5.90) with every Hearty Meal - download the voucher here (until 30 Nov 2008)
Teatime special: add on S$3 for siphon-brew coffee with every piece of cake (S$6.90), no voucher required

19 Cuppage Terrace
Tel: 6732 808
Open daily
Mon-Thu: 8.30am - 11pm
Fri-Sun: 9am - 11.30pm


  1. First! Aiyah no prize this time... sad face...

    Wow so many write ups! Are there more? Was wondering how the Mexican and Middle Eastern place fared.

    Actually went to Bobby's after your post. The food was good. But the manager weren't very camera friendly. Was kinda told off even though I wasn't using a flash and we were the only one's inside for lunch.

    But then once I told them that I wasn't there to steal their recipes or anything they were nice.

  2. actually, camemberu-san, thick toast is very common in japan and not just Hong Kong snack food =) it's delicious with butter and honey toasted hot!

  3. I didn't know Bobby's is camera unfriendly. I celebrated my daddy's birthday at Bobby's Chijmes and brought along a cake from outside cos I didn't know they sell whole cakes. Daddy actually mount the tripod and play with the camera, the staff seems to be ok with us... But it was just too dark to take any pictures...

    Camemberu, are you on some invitations to venture all Cuppage Terrace, your pictures are so exclusive and you are like a VIP on a food tour...

  4. David: ah, this is the last one on Cuppage Terrace. I didn't get to sample everything. To be honest, I'm not too hopeful of the Mexican place (saw some limp nachos) but who knows. Kazbar, the Middle Eastern joint, also seems more like a drinking place than eatery. I didn't see any food offered for photography.

    Wow, Bobby's at Cuppage don't allow customers to use cameras? I better remember that.

    Anon: thanks, I didn't know that. Didn't see any thick toast in all of my four trips to Japan - guess I didn't explore enough yet!

    Fen: Maybe Bobby's at CHIJMES is friendlier.

    As for the Cuppage Terrace "food tour", I wasn't the only one, actually. It was a media and blogger event, and they let us shop-hop on our own. This was all done in one night.

  5. It wasn't that Bobby's didn't allow photography, but the manager was very confrontational about it. (The rest of the staff didn't seem to mind.) But once I explained to them that I wasn't in the restaurant business, they let me snap away. But it was kinda awkward then, and I felt bad for my dining partner, who had to sit through the manager's tirade.

    In all fairness to them, they were very nice and accommodating after I explained myself.

  6. David: Yah, to have the dinner interrupted is pretty mood damper. I got my share at tcc when I didn't realize the presence of those arts exhibits...

    Anyway, I nearly played with fire, snapping non-stop at Laurent Bernard right under the nose of the owner... I am sure glad I asked permission before hand... *Phew*

    Camemberu: I see... I do like the way you unravel the description of each restaurant everyday...

  7. Not all restaurant are so camera chinese restaurant which i lay garden was pretty friendly about us taking pics..and helped me arrange the dish to get the right angle...haha

  8. The coffee jelly looks like a great dessert. Thanks for sharing and reviewing this place.


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