Thursday, April 3, 2008

Otah Taquitos?

Otah Taquitos?, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

How's this for fusion? Otah taquitos! From Otah Inc., at the basement of Bugis Junction. I tried the prawn and crab versions. The rolled taco skin is hot and crispy, with a hint of sesame. The otah filling is wonderfully spicy but the texture is a little too soft and pasty for me. But it also had chunks of actual (small) prawn and crab (probably minced imitation crabstick). Interesting snack but can get pricey at S$2 per stick.



  1. Not bad! It looks like a huge version of the CNY rolled hae bee hiam snack.

  2. Interesting! Looks delicious though! Not sure why some are shorter in length?

  3. LOL, didally, quite funny to think of them that way! I love those mini hae bee hiam rolls though. So delicious!

    LCOM: hmm, you're right. Some do look a lot shorter than others. Are they shortchanging customers, I wonder?

  4. eh, now there's a otah inc also? bugis junction is happening, must go soon to take a look : )


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