Friday, April 4, 2008

T3 serves up pre-fried kway teow!

OK whatever you do, don't eat the char kway teow at the Airport Terminal 3 food court. I was shocked to see the cook take from a stash of pre-fried kway teow. He just warms it up and tosses in the final seafood ingredients. And then he charges you S$5 (minimum) for it!



  1. hello,

    i'm organising my food outing this sun 6th april at Wild Rocket's Relish for lunch. Are you interested in joining us? let me know asap yeah!

    People going are food bloggers, and some of my blog readers. Anyone is welcome to join : )


  2. OMG why on earth do you want to eat Cha Kway Teow in a Food Court, what's worst, T3?!?!?!?!?!?

    It is a tourist trap!

  3. how horrible and yet people still pay good money and lots of it to eat something as disgusting as pre-fried char kway teow. What is wrong with them?????

  4. Lady/Brad - so short notice! Sorry lah, sunday my hubby is giving me a treat at Wasabi Bistro. But anyone else reading this who would like to join Brad is welcome to contact him directly. Good luck for the outing!

    Willy, well, it's the only 24hour joint at that place. I think. Most of the restaurants are closed after hours.

    Amy, most of them may not know it's pre-fried until they order it. So that's why I'm putting this up to warn others! lol

  5. hahaha! yeah sorry for the short notice, nvm see you next time then! enjoy yr treat to wasabi bistro! : )

  6. T3 is nice to see, not nice to eat. LOL

    Take a sky train over to T2, more things to eat there. :-) haha..

  7. Keropokman, haha, I curious mah. Was hoping T3 would have some standard. Sigh, such misplaced faith!

    The desserts stall is OK lah, the chng tng not bad.

  8. Thanks for the warning.It looks oily too. Pre fried char kway teow at $5.00. No thanks lah

  9. what a turn off! ):

  10. Thanks so much for the warning! We do lots of tao paoing from the airport whenever we heard back to HK from Singapore which is like almost once a month or once a fortnight so this warning means a lot to us.

  11. there's a staff canteen at T2, accessible only by car park lift. used to love the char kway teow there when i was younger, wonder if it's still as good now.


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