Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Choco Cro - Chocolate in a Croissant

Some say the Japanese bake better croissants than the French. I'm inclined to agree. It's even better when they wrap that croissant around a delicious stick of chocolate! Witness the Choco Cro divine confection. We chanced upon this in the Teramachi covered shopping alley in Kyoto, although it's a Harajuku chain.

Choco Cro chocolate croissant, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

There are two flavours. This is the regular or original chocolate croissant (about ¥137) in orange paper cone.

This is the banana chocolate version, dressed in a yellow paper cone (maybe about ¥160, can't remember). I personally preferred this over the regular chocolate.

Curry bun from Choco Cro, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

They also have savoury items, like this scrumptious curry bun. We didn't try the pizza slices.

And here's another delicious pastry. You know, we originally stopped at this cafe for a short break and a light, pre-dinner snack. But I think we piled on like a bazillion calories with these sinful pastries!

Choco Cro at Shibuya, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

This is the Shibuya storefront, which we saw much later on.

(Choco-Cro seems to be part of the Saint-Marc cafe)
Click here to see store locations all over Japan



  1. ohmigosh, i LOVE chocolate croissants and that one looks mighty delicious!! I want!

  2. yes, it is famous croissant in japan :)

  3. omg that looks fantabulous XD

  4. Yeah, hubby wanted to bring the chain to Singapore! Bet it would beat the socks off donuts!

  5. cool! singapore like not mad with croissants yet. how much is 137 yen?

  6. Er, 137 yen is about S$1.80 but for convenience's sake, you can think of 100 yen as almost equivalent to S$1. Almost. :P

  7. when u are in osaka again u should try kani doraku, it is real famous crab restaurant and not that expensive :)

  8. Yeah, Kani Douraku was on my list for Osaka and we even looked at going in, but we just didn't feel like multi-course crab that evening. They do have a great lunch deal though.

  9. hmm.. i am quite interested in the store, so its something like a cafe selling croissant only? got a lot of peoope when u were there?

    By the way, the flaky buttery croissant embracing a bar of chocolate, as in they really put a bar of chocolate inside the croissant??

  10. Hi ladyironchef, are you going to set up a chocolate croissant shop in Singapore too? :)

    The cafe was moderately crowded at 5pm on a weekday. As mentioned, they sell a variety of stuff, both savoury and sweet (I think they also had some sandwiches) along with hot and cold drinks (coffee/tea/juices), but the flagship product seems to be the Choco Cro.

    And yes, they really do put a bar of chocolate inside the croissant - you can see it peeping out. But of course, it's a small, thin bar...not your usual store-size bar of chocolate! That would be too "jelak"!

  11. hahaha. Hi there,yea, i thought their concept was pretty interesting. I went to the saint-marc website, but too bad most of it is Jap, which i don't understand. lol

  12. New Saint Marc Cafe in California!!!! I loved this cafe in Japan and they opened the first USA location inside the Westfield Topanga Plaza in Canoga Park. The choco cro's are soooo fantastic!! They're as good as the ones in Japan because they import the chocolate. Yummy!:)

  13. Thanks, S.J. - I did not know that! And wow, are you really from Afghanistan??

  14. I went to Harajuku's chain and went there almost everyday during my stay in Tokyo! I even brought it back to Singapore. Hahaha. I was that hooked with Choco Cro's chocolate croissants! Now I miss it so much. =(

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