Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lay's Kettle Cooked Chips, Jalapeno Flavour

Frito-Lays has introduced a line of kettle-cooked chips, all with zero grams trans fat. I tried the Jalapeno ones. Nutritional info here.

Extra crunchy they sure are. Not too bad, but still rather salty (as is typical of US snacks). However, they are less greasy and rock-hard than the KETTLE®Chips. I might try some other flavours from Lay's, hoping to find the Maui Onion ones.



  1. i find them quite hard. Can get painful gums after eating.. :P

  2. Where did you get these chips?? Hee.. I want to try too.

  3. foody, yeah I know but these are not so bad.

    didally, I think Cold Storage has them but not sure if all outlets stock them. I want to buy some more too...hehe.

  4. where can i get some? i went to rob galeria they no longer sell it anymore. badly miss this junk! T_T

    1. Oh I was just eating some Kettle chips...Hot Jalapeno ones. Not very good. I haven't seen the Lay's ones in ages.


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