Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ekiben on the Shinkansen

I love the trains in Japan. The shinkansen (bullet train) ride from Tokyo to Kyoto is smooth, clean and comfortable. It takes nearly three hours, and you can bring along food to eat. Of course I had to try some "ekiben" or train station bento box meals. I sprung adventurously for a box with weird-looking stuff in it, including vegetables I'd never eaten before. Yes, quite edible despite some looking a bit nasty (I could not eat that pickled fish sliced in half though) but on hindsight, perhaps I should have gone for familiar favourites.

Katsu rice ekiben, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Hubby was smarter. He went for a safe katsu, which was delicious. Nadine loved the rice and the potato salad up in the corner. Yummy.

Anyway, there are so many varieties of ekiben, there are even websites dedicated to them. Most of the food is presented beautifully and taste passable (if you aren't fussy). Can't expect much from cold takeaways!



  1. your blog is always scrumptious!!!

  2. dear camemberu,

    i adore your blog and must ask you
    about the photos , did you take it all, how do you get the high quality i am curious
    please write to me i would like to talk with you many thanks

  3. Why thank you, Tsipi (and Thoo2 too)! To answer your question, Tsipi, yes, I took all the photos but just using an ordinary point-and-shoot digital camera. I'm glad you enjoy them though.

  4. hai camemberu,
    are you professional photographer
    can you contact me personally
    thanks tsipi

  5. Tsipi, no, I am not a professional photographer. Besides, I can't contact you because you didn't leave any contact information.

  6. hai camemberu, thanks for the quick respnse
    i ll be very glad to hear from you
    bye tsipi

  7. Love your blog. I stay in the east area too and your blog has prompted me to be more adventourous in food. BTW, do you have some of the links that show bento sets? Thank you.


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