Wednesday, November 25, 2020

OverlyCheezy Pizza Delivery in Singapore brings something different to the delivery pizza scene in Singapore: a fusion of Italian, Japanese, French, with a local twist. They've even come up with "milk doughs" - in creamy tomato and creamy avocado (+$6 surcharge). Blended into the doughs are five cheeses: gruyere, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan and emmental. Yes, you can never have too much cheese in and on a pizza. 

The Trufflelicious Wild Mushroom (above) on creamy avocado dough was a real treat. Creamy white truffle sauce, butter sauteed mushrooms (shiitake, king oyster and shimeji), parsley smothered in cheese on a pillowy crust that's just nicely crisp on the edges.  This was really good for a delivery pizza. 


I love their design - cute and perky aesthetics with that bright cheery yellow! Prices are fairly reasonable although the surcharges can add up. Still, the pizzas are way more satisfying than regular chain ones. 


Their Dancing Katsuobushi with Beef features teriyaki sauce, mayo, Japanese-style marinated beef, bonito flakes, seaweed strips and parsley flakes. We had this on the regular dough which is a bit more dry and brittle compared to the creamy ones with milk.

Salted egg yolk fries that are sure to please most people, especially kids. 

A surprisingly delicious Chocolate Lava cake. It's small but oh so moreish. 


Meanwhile, the team is hard at work, coming up with new flavours! 


Mentaiko Ocean pizza with prawns and crabstick.


Peking duck with smoked duck and hoisin sauce.

Their store is located in Hougang. Block 311, Hougang Ave 5, #01-189, Singapore 530311. You can call them at +65 6245-4922.

Many thanks for OverlyCheezy for the treat!


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