Sunday, February 4, 2018

Chinese New Year at Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore

Every year, the Chinese New Year dishes at Man Fu Yuan are a real treat we look forward to. They are especially well-known for good suckling pig, but this time, I found the Steamed Lobster with Chinese Wine and Egg White even more enjoyable. Chef's addition of crispy pork lard pieces were the perfect garnish.

You can scroll through the dishes here, but I'll also show you some highlights.

The Treasures Yusheng with baby abalone, Hokkaido scallops, salmon is dressed with a sake goma sesame sauce which is a delightful Japanese touch.

The soups here are always well-brewed and satisfying, and so too was this Double-boiled Chicken Soup, Fish Maw, Bamboo Pith, Matsutake Mushrooms. Every mouthful feels like a blessing.

This year's Roasted Suckling Pig paired with Foie Gras, Daikon and a crepe. The meat seems more gamey than previous years' (almost like a Western-style roasted piglet) and the foie gras is probably a little too rich a partner, but the pickled or braised daikon makes a gorgeous foil.

I am glad they serve dessert in whole coconuts here. I absolutely love scraping every last bit of the fresh coconut meat; it's rightfully a separate dessert on its own. The warm Double-boiled Hashima in Whole Coconut has many other ingredients in it that make it look appropriately festive.

Many thanks to Man Fu Yuan for the invitation.

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