Thursday, September 1, 2016

Must-Read: Most Interesting Quora Answer Ever

Dogged determination. Tenacity. Ambition. Hard work. Street smarts. Hunger and drive. A fascinating life story of success and failure. This was someone who clawed himself back multiple times back into the 1%.

I've read so many "life" tips and much advice on Quora but this one just blows the mind. Some of his opinions may surprise you too.

I should warn you that this is also one of Quora's longest reads.

My friend Hisham (who shared this) took 90 minutes to read this whole thing. I'm probably going to take longer, and re-read it a few times, and even make this bedtime reading for my kids. There are a lot of valuable and practical life lessons in there, and I also love the books he recommends at the end.

Please to enjoy.


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