Friday, January 29, 2016

Tai Sun Celebrates 50th Anniversary

What a gorgeous basket of goodies for Chinese New Year! The year of the monkey is extra special for Tai Sun. It turns 50 years old this year (hey, just a year shy of SG50) and on top of that, its founder Madam Han Yew Lang will celebrate her 80th birthday!

It's a story of humble beginnings - Madam Han and her late husband Mr Lim Jit Syong started frying peanuts in their kitchen in the early 60s. Their children helped to modernise the production, and today Tai Sun is in the hands of the 3rd generation who are refreshing the brand and adding new product lines.

I learned some interesting things from Madam Han's grand-daughter Esther Loo, Marketing Manager of Tai Sun.

Tai Sun popularised the serving of peanuts at Chinese restaurants: in the 60s, bars were one of Tai Sun's biggest customers. Eating peanuts made the patrons drink more beer. Lim Jit Syong took the idea to restaurants which began to serve them as appetisers.

Tai Sun's unsold CNY goodies go to shelters and homes for the needy: every year, unsold CNY goodies under Tai Sun's NOYA brand (these keep well for up to a month after) are donated to homes and non-profit organisations.

Cashews are Tai Sun's bestselling nut: wow, the cashew is king! Tai Sun sells more cashews than any other nut.

I also didn't know that they owned the NOYA range of cookies. These are pretty good; I had not tried them before this. The pineapple tarts have such generous toppings, and the almond cookies are addictive.

NOYA Almond Delights, 300g, S$11.60
NOYA Pineapple Tarts (open face), 450g, S$11.60

The other items shown above include:
Ah Ma Traditional Love Letters (sesame), 400g, S$12.30
Tai Sun Premium Collection Prawn Rolls, 280g, S$8.95
Nature's Wonders Macadamias, 380g, S$21.30
Nature's Wonders Baked Cashews with Almonds Mix, 400g, S$12.90
California Pistachios, 500g, S$14.20
Tai Sun Assorted Nuts (Eight Treasures), 450g, S$9.95

My favourite items from them are still the Nature's Wonders series.

Nature's Wonders has a range of healthy snacks, most of which are baked nuts, not fried

Ever since I discovered them in 2012, I just kept buying these. They just taste fresher and better. You know how some packaged nuts have that slightly rancid or odd processed taste? For me, Nature's Wonders are usually a safe bet (I don't know where they are sourced but they seem better from Tai Sun's other nuts actually).

Happy snacking for CNY!

Many thanks to Tai Sun for sending the CNY gift pack.

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