Monday, February 17, 2014

Ronin - 17 Hong Kong Street: Coffee, Breakfast and Mystery

Dark and grungy atmosphere

My friend and I wanted an early place for breakfast and coffee. Good coffee. I knew Ronin was nearby, so we ducked in to check them out. It's dark and grungy in here. Rustic industrial chic with no bearing on masterless samurai whatsoever.

Great coffee at RONIN

But the coffee is indeed a potent brew. Ronin uses the same Genovese blend as The Plain and Bravery because it's the same folks behind this joint.

There's no menu here, so everything is recited to you. Not a lot of items, but it must be tiring for the staff to keep a cheery face repeating the same menu all day to customers. And having them ask, "Can you repeat that again? What was the second thing after French toast?"

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon and portobello mushroom

And breakfast, thankfully, was hearty. Scrambled eggs with toppings you can choose! We had one with bacon and portobello mushroom.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with sausage and toast

Another one with a scrumptious sausage. The eggs lean towards the runny side, so it may be comforting to some, but too soft for others. I like them on the toast.

Wireframe art on the wall

Nice wireframe artwork lending a slight cowboy feel. Look at the shadows it casts.

RONIN has no signboard, no menu and no telephone number

There is no signboard here either so you will have to simply look out for the address. I still have no idea why it's called Ronin...and really, the name is fast fading. I just remember it as 17 Hong Kong Street.

And no telephone number either. Such a hush hush hangout, but it's got some hipster coolness to it.

Website or Facebook page? Don't even ask about it.

17 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059660
Open 8am to 8pm
Closed Mondays

Photos taken with the Canon EOS 100D kindly loaned by Canon Singapore

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