Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NOX: Dining in the Dark? It Can Be More Touching Than You Think

Yes, eating in absolute pitch darkness. It's humbling. And totally exhilarating.

NOX, Latin for "night", is bringing a popular dining trend in the West to Singapore. This may or may not be new here, but the restaurant is wholly dedicated to turbo-boosting your entire experience by removing the element of sight, upon which we are so reliant. So your other senses -- smell, touch, hearing -- come to the forefront, totally augmented, in ways that give you newfound appreciation of every bite.

For our group, it was a very touching experience too (hey no, we did not molest anyone). There was an unexpected and unintended surprise that really warmed our hearts, not just our bellies:

My full story in Makansutra:

And oh...they do have interesting cocktails at the bar.



  1. I can't wait! I'm going next week. My good friend, who went last week, said he cried.

    1. Wow, your friend cried? In a good or bad way? Good, I hope.

      I wonder how you will describe it! I'll wait for your review then.


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