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New Menu as nydc Goes Back to New York Roots; See 18th Birthday Promos Too!

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"I Scream" Burger - what a way to have ice cream!

nydc has revamped its menu and is celebrating its 18th birthday!

They've always been known for their iconic mudpies and cheesecakes. The new menu emphasizes desserts even more so. In fact, the menu STARTS with dessert items. Yes, we often joke, "Life is short; eat dessert first!" So this post will also showcase the desserts upfront.

The menu now has 30 desserts and 20 hot food items - more desserts than food! It certainly does justice to the friendly eatery's name - New York Dessert Café - but that's not all. What's great is the food selection has made a return to New York staples, as you'll see. It's always good to come back to your roots, no?

Now then, dessert! Let's kick off with this glorious thing above - the I Scream Burger! (S$9.80)! Three lovely scoops of ice cream in a brioche bun topped with red, white and blue stars, plus whipped cream and chocolate crumble.

I just love how festive and fourth of July this looks. The brioche bread which is nicely toasted golden brown totally complements the ice cream. It's also comfortingly familiar....remember our own ice cream "roti"? Bread and ice cream. Yeah, can we have more carb please?

Interestingly, a lot of guys order this. Must be the word "Burger"...

Peanut Butter Crunch Time
Peanut Butter Crunch Time (S$6.80) is my personal favourite of the new items. It's a variation of bread and butter pudding, but with crunchy toast and peanut butter in the mixture (gosh, why I didn't I think of that for my own bakes?) topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with lashings of caramel. Where's the "Like" button?

Let's Get Berry High
Let's Get Berry High (S$9.80) - wild berries soaked in red wine with a dollop of yoghurt sorbet. For those who prefer more fruit and less fat in their dessert, but yet not something less potent.

And now for the savoury stuff! Small Plates start from S$5.80 and Big Plates from S$12.80. Instead of calling them appetisers and mains, you can mix and match big or small plate meals however you like. Sharing is encouraged, so that you'll have room for dessert.

Let's start with the Small Plates!

Hookin' Brooklyn Chicks
Hookin' Brooklyn Chicks (S$8.80 for 6 pcs; S$14.80 for 12 pcs)

This one is special, because they've gone back to the authentic recipe using hot sauce instead of barbecue sauce like most other joints. So the chicken drumlets are really tangy and spicy, instead of cloyingly sweet. Awesome! Served with vegetable sticks and a blue cheese dip. You'll welcome these to cool the sizzle.

If you prefer something less spicy, they've got Saucy Southern Chicks, sprinkled with Cajun spices and served with a BBQ dip.

Mushroom Munchies
Mushroom Munchies (S$7.80 for 6 pcs)
Button mushrooms, ham, garlic mayo and mozzarella all melted together for savoury mayhem. One is never enough.

Lolli Pork Ribs
Lolli Pork Ribs (S$9.80, 4 pcs) - a mini rack of Spanish baked pork ribs marinated in candied cocoa sauce, and chocolate soil. These remind me of the zi char coffee ribs, but are much more potent!

Cut The Crab - Crab Cakes
"Cut The Crab" Crab Cakes (S$9.80, 4 pcs)
These are bagedil sized crab cakes nicely deep-fried, but what's interesting is the peanut butter chili sauce. I was wishing for more of the sauce!

And now for the BIG PLATES. These might be great for sharing, but some are so tasty you might not want to!

Double Beef Booster - corned beef and pastrami in one!
Double Beef Booster (S$14.80) 
Can't decide between corned beef and pastrami? Have them both in one sandwich! With sauerkraut, melted cheese and Russian dressing between slices of buttered toasted rye bread. This New York deli staple is made twice as tasty with both ingredients, but it isn't too heavy still. It's all balanced with a side of mesclun salad which also comes with a slice of pickle.

Piggy Wiggly Burger - pulled pork goodness
Piggy Wiggly Burger (S$15.80)
This is a whopper of a sandwich. While digging in, I thought I'd never see the end of the succulent pulled pork which seemed to multiply the more you carved into it. Nicely done with BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and romaine leaves.

Steak Your Claim Sirloin Sandwich
Steak Your Claim Sirloin Sandwich (S$17.80)
Turkish bread, marbled sirloin steak, guacamole, aioli, caramelised onion, shredded romaine lettuce. This is a meaty monster topped with grilled cheese. It's a meal all its own.

Sloppy Joe
Sloppy Joe (S$14.80)
What's more American than sloppy joes? This is sheer comfort food in the form of minced beef stew topped with melted mozzarella on a butter roll with coleslaw and lettuce, plus a mesclun salad side.

Good Ol' Fish and Chips - using hake, not Pacific dory
Good Ol' Fish and Chips (S$15.80) - using hake, not Pacific dory, for the battered white fish. You can taste the difference. This is one of their bestsellers, and it's easy to see why. I really like the rough hewn surface of the chips that are fried with skin on.

Sunny Grooves, Munchy Moves - sausages and eggs with potato
Sunny Grooves, Munchy Moves (S$15.80) 
Oh I love this one - glorious pork and cheese sausages with an egg sunny side up, all drenched in shallot sauce. What the chef decided to do with the potato was simply serve it boiled and crushed without further seasoning, because the sausages are already pretty salty. So it all balances out well. But beware, the cheese sausage squirts too, so watch out when you carve into it!

Aiolli L'Amour
Aiolli L'Amour (S$5.80)
This is part of the Small Plates, but makes a great side dish to share with the mains. The fries come with a nice dusting of Cajun spices and a rich aioli dip. Eat fast or portion them out, for they might get soggy steaming away in the bucket. These are easy to eat, but I personally prefer the simply salted chips served with the Fish and Chips - somehow those still taste crisp and great even when they're cold.

Oh did I mention the new menu now has 40 drinks? The familiar favourites are still there - the huge Elephanccinos, shakes and freezes, floats and coolers, and some creative takes on lemonade.

Creative takes on Lemonade - Cool Cucumber-Aid and So Berry Merry

There are five kinds of Lemonades (S$4.20 per glass; S$8.50 per pitcher) - pictured here are Cool Cucumber-Aid (left) which features Japanese kyuri (cucumber) with orange juice and lemonade; and So Berry Merry with cranberry, orange juice and lemonade. On a hot day (which is so often in Singapore), these are a godsend.

There's lots more in the new menu to check out. Even kids are not left out (there are four meal sets just for them) - ham and cheese macaroni, fish nuggets, tomato pasta, scrambled eggs and cheese sausage.

Dessert galore - love the red velvet cake
So, order dessert first and then plan your main meal around it! The trouble is....with 30 desserts, it's hard to pick just one! So share a variety with friends or take some home. I really like the Red Velvet Cake - addictively smooth and not too sweet. The "We Like To Mousse It, Mousse It" mango mousse (the orange dessert in the background) is also wonderful.

Apart from traditional favourites like brownies, apple crumble, and cookies, there are creamy cheesecakes, chocolate confections, and fun mudpies galore. Mudpies - gotta love the "Jedi Mudster" which reminds me of an Imperial star destroyer, and the "Bring Me To The Dark Side" chocolate indulgence which would floor even Vader. I'm a sucker for Star Wars anything.

The vibe at nydc is still casual, cosy and unpretentious. And with so many great desserts and tasty treats that are easy on the wallet, it's a very likeable place to celebrate life as often as you like, with family and friends.

P-nut B'day Mudcake! Special promo
And as it is their 18th birthday, they are having two special item promotions!

1) P-nut Butter Me Up! (Peanut Butter Chocolate Mudpie) above - S$8.80. Oh this is yummy. September birthday babies enjoy this at $6.80 and mini cakes at $18 (U.P $36).

2) Coney woof! (Coney dog) - S$7.80. Psst...this is going for S$1.80 on 18 Sept only!

These dine-in only offers (except the mini cakes) are valid til 29 Sept 2013. Terms and conditions apply.

Special promo for Camemberu readers: Flash this post on your mobile device at any nydc outlet and get your mudpie fix for just S$6.80 per slice! Applies to any mudpie on the menu, including the P-nut Butter Me Up! Enjoy this from today til 21 Sept 2013. 

New menus in four colours


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* Prices stated are subject to prevailing government taxes and service charge.
Photos taken with the Canon 6D kindly loaned by Canon Singapore.


  1. Wow, nydc looks like they've really stepped up their menu! The last time I went was when I was a teen and I sure don't remember their food looking that good!

    1. Yes, their food has evolved quite a bit! I like this latest iteration the best!

  2. Would you mind sharing what lens are you using? I love the clarity and depth of field! :)


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