Monday, March 11, 2013

Ajimer Sharif Mee Goreng at Tekka Market

Boy am I glad I stopped by for this. One of the best mee goreng in town - studded with morsels of smoky mutton, crunchy beansprouts and cabbage, tasty bits of egg, fresh green chili, peas and potato cubes. The yellow noodles have soaked up flavour and smoky aromas, but remain firm. All marvellously mouth-watering without being greasy. That's serious wok control and frying skill.

The portion is generous too. A mere S$3.50 gets you a very large plate. But you won't be able to resist polishing it all off. I did a takeaway for the family, and took a bite before they wrapped it up. Oh man, it was so good, I sat down and ate half the pack right there! Had to stop myself from finishing the whole thing. It was still good at home, after an hour in the packet.

That's Arun in the brown shirt
The mee goreng came recommended by KF Seetoh who tells me it's best when Arun is helming the stove. That's Arun in the brown shirt. You can ask if he's there, or just stealthily bring this photo along when you go.

Ajimer Sharif at Tekka Market Food Centre

The stall also has other dishes like nasi goreng, mee kuah, chicken chop, roti john, mutton soup and tulang bone steak.

#01-251 Tekka Market Food Centre
665 Buffalo Road
Singapore 210665
Open 10am to 9pm daily


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