Monday, December 17, 2012

Help MINDS Make Christmas Sweeter For Some Very Special Kids?

Have you bought all your Christmas presents already? Some of us have already gotten Christmas presents, and some wonderful ones too! Many of us also remember the less fortunate and reach out to those too, in this season of caring and sharing.

The MINDS Christmas Stocking Challenge is back again - you can sponsor a S$10 stocking for a child with special needs or from an underprivileged home, and it will also benefit the disabled person who made the stocking. One present helps two persons!

Last year, thanks to generous support, MINDS reached 138% of their initial target of 5,000 beneficiaries, blessing a further 1,900 disadvantaged/disabled children with a treat-filled stocking gift for Christmas!

This year, they are severely short - less than 20% of their target - because of delays from implementing the online sponsorship portal (which many people requested). But yes, e-donations means now you don't have to mail checks or drop by in person! You can use convenient e-banking to make someone's Christmas a little sweeter. All contributions are tax deductible.

What goes into the stockings? Each child will receive stationery, sweet treats and chocolate (for some families, these are treats they cannot afford). The stocking can even be converted into a useful pencil case. The full list of beneficiary organisations is listed on the website. There is also an FAQ on how the whole thing works, and why the items were chosen, etc.

This year's theme - 'Reach for the Stars', is inspired by Liu Sze Sze, a client from MINDS Employment Development Centre who loves handiwork and arts. The star seen in the event's logo is drawn by her - she had to practise a hundred times before getting this, as her psychomotor skills are different due to cerebral palsy.

The Star represents Hope and Aspiration and shows Sze Sze's determination to strive for excellence in whatever she does despite the challenges she faces with her disabilities.

Go on over to their site to see what it's all about and sponsor a stocking (or more) if you can. I'm so glad they now allow online donations. A moment of joy is just a click away.

Do call contact 6473-1148(ext 237/230) or if you have any queries.

Please help to share this with your friends, family, classmates and colleagues too. You're welcome to reblog this too.

Thank you!


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