Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fortune Delights Rojak at Marine Parade Central

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Another neighbourhood gem. Fortune Delights at the Marine Parade Central food centre. This stall's rojak I never tried in all my ten years living in the East. But I'm glad I did today (after seeing the lady ferry a lusciously dark mountain of rojak to a customer). Nice crunchy vegetables and sweet pineapples doused with prawn paste dressing and a sprinkling of crushed peanuts. The tongue-tingling flavours party well together; the savoury, sweet, spicy and tart are all pretty well-balanced.

You know the part I often like best about rojak? The giant "croutons" in this salad - the you tiao (dough fritters) that do such a good job of soaking up the flavours! But these days I'm leaning more towards the juicy vegetables (turnip and cucumber).

This stall also offers popiah and pork rib prawn noodles. Guess I should head back more often.

Blk 84 Marine Parade Central #01-181
84 Marine Parade Central Market and Food Centre
Singapore 440084

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