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UniQgift Degustation Delights at Hediard, Tudor Court

Let's take a break. A tea break. And what better name for gourmet tea delicacies than Hediard?

The French high luxury brand is synonymous with fine foods, confectionery and gifts, but at the Hediard Cafe-Boutique at Tudor Court, you can now enjoy full meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner - using Hediard delicacies in a menu designed by Parisian chef Vincent Caraillon. It's also a way to try before you buy.

There is a special degustation set for two that's been put together as a UniQgift experience. The UniQgift Degustation Delights (S$68) gift box allows your gift recipient to choose from 16 restaurants to dine at, and Hediard is one of them.

Duck foie gras, Norwegian smoked salmon, a mini croq’Ferdinand accompanied by a roquette salad with mango vinaigrette
The special set comprises a platter of duck foie gras, Norwegian smoked salmon, a mini croq’Ferdinand accompanied by a roquette salad with mango vinaigrette. Yes, the smoked salmon, foie gras and various items are all Hediard products. If inspired, you can buy the ingredients and make this at home too.

The Croq'Ferdinand is named after the founder - Ferdinand Hediard. It's an insanely tasty ensemble of melted Gruyere, parma ham and mornay sauce on grilled bread. The smoked salmon too is especially full-bodied and flavoursome.

Tamara (Greek fish roe) and Zucchini Tartine
We also chose a tartine - Tamara (Greek fish roe) and Zucchini. Bet you've all tried mentaiko but not tamara. It's so rich and creamy, but without the spicy aspect of the Japanese counterpart. Together with the grilled zucchini, this went down a treat.

A fruit jelly, a trufflelines and an orangette
The set also includes this small but potent trio of a fruit jelly, a trufflelines and an orangette. These taste amazing, and we also got to hear how they were made. With great care and effort, I'll just say.

The Fantaisy - an alcohol-free sparkling peach drink
Instead of our glass of wine included in the set, we chose to have "The Fantaisy" - an alcohol-free sparkling peach drink. Perfect when served ice-cold.

The famous chocolate croissant
While you are there, don't miss their famous chocolate croissant. Take a bite and the shatteringly crispy croissant will melt into buttery goodness on your tongue.

The restaurant's entire menu (including prices and photos) is online, so that's really useful for reference. I hear the duck confit calling me already to come back.

There are close to a thousand items in the Hediard Boutique!
Over at the boutique, you'll be astounded by the variety of goods they have. Over 1,000 Hediard items are available here - specialty fruit jams, coffees, teas, confections, condiments, smoked salmon, caviars, foie gras, and the cellar has entire walls of wines and champagne.

There are 240 varieties of tea alone, over 30 varieties and blends of coffee, over 70 spices, including the rarest and hardest to find, more than 50 fruit and flower petal jams, marmalades and jellies, including low-sugar jams, 25 traditional and original mustards and vinegars of all flavours, oils and condiments from around the world, traditional biscuits and so forth.

The Hediard Cafe-Boutique in Singapore is the only one in Asia

This is the only Hediard Cafe-Boutique in South-east Asia, it seems (several in Dubai but only Singapore is listed on the website for Asia). Travelers come from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia to scoop up some of the luxury jams, jellies and specialty produce. Who knew this little place tucked away in Tudor Court is so coveted?

The quiet location makes it perfect for a leisurely meal away from Orchard Road's hustle and bustle. It does mean you do need to make a trip specifically there, and not just drop in while shopping at a mall. But the experience is worth it, and the colonial style shophouse only adds to the charm. I certainly will be back to explore more.

123-125 Tanglin Road
Tudor Court
Singapore 247921
Tel: +65 6333 6683
Open daily 9am to 9pm

Many thanks to UniQgift for arranging this degustation experience, and it was a great pleasure chatting with Verena, the lady boss who established the Hediard Cafe-Boutique in Singapore.

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