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The De Dietrich 2012 Collection: High Tech Meets Beauty

Chefs Pang Kok Keong, Julien Bompard, and Andre Chiang on stage at De Dietrich 2012 launch

Last month De Dietrich unveiled my dream home appliances - the 2012 Collection.

We saw endorsement from Chefs Pang Kok Keong, Julien Bompard, and Andre Chiang (who is the Asia chief ambassador of De Dietrich, although for some reason he's looking a wee bit like the US commander-in-chief Obama in my shot here).

Le Piano Zoneless Induction Hob 1 DTIM!000C
The new collection is not only aesthetically gorgeous, it got all of De Dietrich's reliable precision and engineering. This Le Piano Zoneless induction hob (photo courtesy of De Dietrich) is an industry first - a fully zoneless cooking hob. You can put up to five different pots of any size or shape. There are even modes that will allow you to move the pots around and the system will remember their chosen settings. A cool piece of tech, yours for just S$11,880.

Witness also The Philosopher Continuum Hob (S$6,800) by Chef Andre Chiang (photo courtesy of De Dietrich). A lone olive tree stands as symbol of southern France and musings of Chef Chiang's Octaphilosophy. There are four flexible cooking zones in this compact W650 x D250 (mm) hob. Perfect for apartment kitchens. I waant.

The 2012 Collection is dubbed the "Jewels of the Kitchen" and for the launch event, they tied up with local jewellery designer Marilyn Tan and e-boutique Doorstep Luxury.

The event partnered local jewellery designer Marilyn Tan and Doorstep Luxury e-boutique
Marilyn's pearls are gorgeous. These are styled a la 1950s, while the De Dietrich appliances are very 2050.

In the De Dietrich Premium Collection, you also have appliances styled in a choice of White, Grey and Black Pearl finishes with chrome accents.

The Black Pearl Collection
Even men can't resist looking at these gems.

Multifunction Plus Pyroclean Oven in White Pearl
The White Pearl is my favourite. Would go so well in my white kitchen...oh yes, I can dream.

This is the Multifunction Plus Pyroclean Oven (S$7,890). So pretty!

All touch controls on the panel
It features the I.C.S. (Intelligent Control System) with 16 most commonly used recipes and 99 pre-programmed dishes. No fiddly manual buttons to ruin with greasy fingers. It's all touch-enabled.

There are also 45-cm Ovens in three configurations: Combi-Steam Oven, Combi-Microwave Oven, and Poly Oven (mixture of multifunction oven, microwave and combi-microwave oven with roomy 40L capacity). The combi ovens will shave up to 50% of your cooking time for dishes like roasts.

Even the dishwasher looks so luxurious!
Even the dishwasher looks so gleamingly glamorous!

I regret not shoving people aside to take more photos of these beauties.

Over at the Corium Collection, there are also multifunction ovens (S$6,080) in glass and stainless steel designs. These combine traditional French cooking techniques with innovations to roast, cook, grill and even prepare dishes with a Low Temperature feature.

DD_Steam Oven Platinum_DOV1145X.jpg
The Steam Oven (S$3,480) in Black or Platinum (photo courtesy of De Dietrich) is one of De Dietrich's best-selling 45cm ovens. You can use the steam function to prepare healthier dishes without fear of overcooking or losing nutrients. All this in addition to reheating, rehydrating, defrosting, blanching and keeping food warm.

DD_The Crescendo Updraft Hood White Pearl_DHD1191W.jpg
The Crescendo Updraft Hood (S$2,397 with wall casing at S$357) is available in White, Grey and Black Pearl (photo courtesy of De Dietrich). So sleek! How does it work? It moves down towards the hob to remove all cooking funes at 800m3/h suction power, and then fully retracts back into the cabinetry or casing!

DD_Built-in Espresso Machine_DED1140X.JPG
There is also a Built-in Espresso Machine (S$4,980). Select your water or steam temperature and coffee grinding level for that perfect cup of coffee. This machine also uses 15-bar pump pressure for intense coffee flavour extraction when a minimum of 9-bar is usually the requirement for good espresso. Product photo courtesy of De Dietrich.

Here's a video of the new products.

Meanwhile, follow De Dietrich on Facebook - lots of useful tips and recipes.

Update: You can also download the "World of De Dietrich" iOS app (for both iPhone and iPad). It has over 100 recipes, cooking and maintenance tips, product info, cooking class details, news and event updates. It's got recipes from Andre Chiang and Pierre Gaignare! Plus promos and discounts from partners like Huber Butchery, Indoguna, Le Creuset, and Doorstep Luxury.

To see the actual products, visit the De Dietrich showroom - the new collection will be installed there end of March 2012.

La Galerie De Dietrich
#01-04 The Cendex
120 Lower Delta Road
Tel : +65 6508-4600

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri : 10.30am – 7pm
Sat : 10.30am – 6pm


  1. I have been using my De Dietrich oven for almost 2 years now and am still loving it... which reminds me, I have never gotten them down to give me a demo of the full functions of my oven! Wonder if they would still do it....

  2. We have been given Chef Andre Chiang's Philosopher Hob DTI 1163X ($6,800) and also De Dietrich's Island Hood DHD775X ($3,240). Would you be able to advise us where we can find interested buyers? Thanks.

    Josephine Tan


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