Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My first Krispy Kreme doughnut

Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut

Yes, finally. The famous original glazed doughnut. Can't believe it took this long for me to try Krispy Kreme. I never thought it would be in Manila (well, I didn't want to join the queue in Shinjuku years ago).

I have to say I understand why people love it. It's amazingly soft and satisfying, as you sink your teeth into it. I like that gorgeous glaze that's so crinkly light. On the whole, it's a tad too sweet for me, but yeah, I'd eat it again.


  1. Hehe I used to be addicted to Krispy Kreme back in the States. But I think now in Singapore, it's too late for them to open liao.

    Something like Malaysia, Krispy Kreme also opened very late and end up the local tastes probably already adapted to J Co, Big Apple, etc, so Krispy Kreme got no crowds/business even though it opened in a very high volume mall.

  2. you poor girl! You've been so deprived for far too long! Glad you liked it. I love it, too... but I can only take it occasionally.

  3. I LURVE the peanut butter ones! I think they are only available in Jakarta though.

  4. I like the original one best! I would agree with timing. Now, with so many doughnuts in Singapore. Its too late for them to enter the Singapore market unless they are willing to have an aggressive marketing and promotion plan

  5. I think eating this once in a while is great but it's too sweet to have it constantly. I would buy it but I definitely won't queue for it. Thank god that the queue in Bangkok is much more better now.


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