Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Toque Gourmet Store - Why Cook When You Can Create?

Toque is just across from ToTT
After attending Keropokman's church wedding in Bukit Timah, TheHungryCow and I walked down Dunearn Road to check out ToTT. We found this gourmet store Toque (@euraco on Twitter) in the same building. It's pretty new, about six months old, and is the retail store of Euraco Finefoods, which brings in many premium food and beverage items.

Their tagline is "Why Cook When You Can Create?" because they aim to make cooking easier with  good ingredients, some of which simply just need a bit of assembly (e.g. ready-to-eat pastry cups/shells). There are staples like pasta, rice, oils, coffee, tea, breads, dairy products, preserves and condiments, as well as items like wines, premium meats, seafood, cold cuts and baking goods.

Joselito Gran Reserva
This one really caught our eye! Joselito Gran Reserva! At S$35/100g, it's cheaper here than anywhere else (usually over S$40/100g), because Euraco is the key distributor in Singapore.

Plantin - dried mushrooms and truffle oil
Plantin - dried mushrooms and truffle oil. This is the brand of white truffle oil that I saw Chef Sho Naganuma using. But they only have the black truffle oil here, not the white one that I had been hoping to find.

La Tourangelle gourmet edible oils
They do have white truffle oil in another brand, and apparently this one is much better than Plantin's. But there were no samples, so I had no basis for comparison.

Mediterranean sea urchin, anyone?
Mediterranean sea urchin, anyone?

Foie Gras, Smoked Duck Breast and Frozen Scallops
Foie Gras, Smoked Duck Breast and Frozen Scallops. They also stock Manoucher frozen artisan bread from Canada.

Meltique beef
Meltique Beef! The kind that's been larded or injected with oils for extra marbling. Never tried this before. Wonder what it's like...

By the way, Toque can prepare meats for you (e.g. roast) at no extra cost. Just let them know your order at least a day ahead.

Rillettes de Canard and Specialty Mustards
Rillettes de Canard and Specialty Mustards (I'm eyeing the one with Provencal herbs!).

Professional grade Elle & Vire baking ingredients
Professional grade Elle & Vire baking ingredients. I wish cream wasn't so expensive in Singapore. But then maybe that's a good thing for my waistline.

Tahitian Vanilla
Some very premium Tahitian vanilla...

Valrhona chocolate galore
...and Valrhona chocolate for all you chocolate fiends! For baking and eating.

I bought some Truffle Sea Salt!
HungryCow and I both bought the truffle sea salt (S$19.90). We could not resist after sampling some. The aroma is very strong, so just a tiny pinch will do. I do like the coarse flakes.

So far, I've tried it with aglio olio pasta, on baked breads, and my rendition of Sho Naganuma's chawan mushi (the truffle salt neatly replacing both the white soy and truffle oil). Mmmh, it was very good. My kids who won't normally eat steamed egg, totally devoured this. Hurray! Oh man, I hope this does not mean they will only eat gourmet stuff!

TOQUE (Facebook Page)
896 Dunearn Road, Sime Darby Centre
Singapore 589472
Tel: +65 6466-2722
Open daily 10.30am to 9.00 pm


  1. ooo yes, the Joselito jamon is really awesome. If you can you gotta try it. When i was there getting some piping bags at ToTT i bought a packet and just had a baguette with it and a side salad. Such a delicious lunch.

  2. FANTASTIC Catherine. is it next to tott?

  3. welcome to this side of town. come more often ;-)

    a walk away, is also where u can get stuff from toque and come over and experiment. there are folks willing to be guinea pigs!

    we can ask zhi jiak shi fu ti char bor to jog over too.

  4. Did you see the set of different flavour extracts? I would love to get my hands on that if not for the hefty price tag.

  5. Oh btw! truffle salt loses its aroma quickly in Singapore's climate, about 1 month and the aroma is sorta weak. do use it quickly!

  6. Pirom: thanks! I gotta get me some too!

    Justin: yes, it's just next to the ToTT Bistro!

    Keropokman: hahaha, yes, when's your housewarming? :) What on earth is "zhi jiak shi fu ti"? I can only make out the word char bor! Hokkien #fail!

    CSEL: Haha yes. I think time for truffle fries tomorrow! :)

  7. The meltique beef is actually pretty good. If you cook it well done. It's actually still very tender. I personally feel it's more flavourful than a normal grass fed steak.

  8. this is fantastic!! I live in indonesia, and its hard to find foie gras here. the last time I plan to purchase the fresh one in HK but I failed, since I was catching for my flight. Im flying to singapore just to get the foie grass soon. lol. fuck frozen foie gras.
    and oh, the jamon iberico, I only prefer the fresh cut iberico 36, I dont know if singapore have it. and you should try it.

  9. if you go to hk, go to the times square or the harbour they have a very big supermarket called the city super, they have the white truffle, I manage to buy plenty of those, and they also give tester for their jamon, and parma.

    the price for the vanila surprisingly cheap compare to my country. and its already packaged and processed.

  10. nice post!!! i went and bought their platin white truffle oil (they have stock now), theres some new things according to the staff there, boiromar canned seafood, its awesome, maybe you can drop by for a revisit and blog abt it.


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