Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quan Ann Prawn Mee

Quan Ann Prawn Mee
I'd heard some raves about Quan Ann Prawn Mee at the Shunfu Market Food Centre, so I definitely had to try it. The dry version's not bad, with fried shallots, lean slices of pork and fresh prawns. I really like the hearty amount of perfectly blanched bean sprouts - perfectly cooked through and yet turgidly crisp.

The sauce is a bit unusual in that it has ketchup in it. Well, they do ask what elements you want in the sauce - chili, black vinegar and ketchup. I opted out of the vinegar as am not fond of sourish foods, but do wonder what it might be like with it.

The little bowl of soup they provided is flavoursome, but somewhat diluted. Am not sure if a different stock used for the soupy noodles.

Blk 320 Shunfu Road
#02-11 Shunfu Mart Food Centre
Singapore 570320
(forgot to ask opening hours, anyone knows?)

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  1. Indeed the soup is tasteless and blend. In fact, it tastes a little foul. This stall is definitely one of the worst I have tried.


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