Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nantsuttei Tonkotsu Ramen

Chashu Ramen
I'd been hearing raves about Nantsuttei Ramen at Parco Marina Bay, so when my friends wanted to meet for lunch there, I was all for it! Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) is my favourite ramen broth, and Nantsuttei goes one step further by adding kuro ma yu - roasted garlic oil! That's characteristic of Kumamoto style ramen, which also features straight, thin noodles.

Eunice, Cherie and I chose the Chashu-men (S$16), the tonkotsu ramen with a generous four slices of tender chashu (we added an egg for S$1). The basic bowl (S$12) only has one slice, I think. They keep the selections pretty basic. You can view the whole menu online (including prices).

I think not everyone will like the ramen, because it's quite oily and salty (the way it's supposed to be). But I think it's TNT - Thick 'N' Tasty! As you slurp the lightly creamy broth, you can't help but wonder how long they stewed the pork bones for (apparently 24 hours in a pressure cooker, to extract the marrow). The word "unctuous" comes to mind, although I generally do not like using that description (sounds a bit slimy!).

Still, the delight you get from the ramen is a pleasingly muted one, rather than a sharp "OMG Wow!" It is a bowl best enjoyed in contemplative concentration.

Negi Ramen
Mui Yee chose the Maru Toku Negi Chashu-men (S$17), which of course is topped by a mountain of chopped shiraga-negi (white part of spring onions) and bannou negi (green spring onions).

Cherie's chashu ramen without scallions
If you don't like any of the toppings (e.g. beansprouts, spring onions), you can ask them to leave it out. Cherie did not want anything raw in her noodles, so no spring onions here.

Bright and contemporary but with a touch of the traditional
The interior is bright with candy red chairs. While the decor's modern, it still retains that traditional Japanese vibe. It's not a very big place, so seats are pretty limited. If you come early, like before noon (or before 6pm), you won't have to queue.

Do they sell these chef dolls?
Hey I just noticed these ramen chef dolls hanging on the kitchen doorway! I wonder if they are for sale.

I do like the ramen here, and I certainly don't mind coming back. But I must make sure I don't drink up all the broth or I'll bloat up at night again with water retention from all the sodium!


#03-02 Millenia Walk
On the 3F of PARCO Marina Bay
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596
Tel : +65 6337-7166
Open daily 11:00am - 10:30pm


  1. Oh I love tonkatsu ramen - nothing quite like the pig bone broth! I'm delighted to discover there's many variations even of the tonkatsu broth, from different regions of Japan. Hmm, I've head of a ramen museum even... would be a great place to try all the famous types of tonkatsu broths and accompanying ramen noodles. :)

  2. I didnt get a chance to visit this place though I had it on the list when I went to visit Singapore last month :( Too badddddd

  3. Love a nice soup after a hard days work..this one could really refresh me...nice looking dish very mouth watering.

  4. Maru Toki is my favorite dish, no one over, hands down.

  5. im getting hungry watching those pixs!


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